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    Here's what my clients say...

    Reference | MNFL Design

    Before I hired Emilia, I was lost in a myriad of website hosting options and I was scared that I wasn't able to build my own website that would reflect my photography and how I wanted my business to look. Essentially, I was worried to take the first big step towards launching my business. I was also concerned about the costs of hiring a designer, but hiring Emilia was the best decision I ever made and I feel it’s worth every penny.

    A friend recommended Emilia so there was an immediate level of trust. When I met Emilia, I liked her instantly and I felt that we connected. Designing a website is a very important process that demands as much of the business owner as the designer and I felt that we worked very well together in this respect. She understood what I wanted, she listened, shared her ideas and advice and developed a beautiful website for me.

    My new website has received a huge number of compliments and people love it as much as I do. I LOVE the branding and am so happy with how it reflects my business and my photography.

    Having Emilia design my branding and website was a pleasurable, easy partnership, so inspirational and rewarding.

    Jodi from www.jodidaviesphotography.co.uk

    client testimonials | MNFL-Design

    It was so overwhelming having to deal with marketing tools when I started my business. I needed someone to understand my needs and suit my taste to take over marketing from logo design to website set-up. Emilia provided me with exactly that. Emilia was always a step ahead of me making me feel that she knew what I needed for my business better than I did. She listened to me carefully and gave me design options that matched my vision. She was always there to assist me with Facebook ads and brochure design and she was fast and effective. That's a hard thing to find. I know that my collaboration with Emilia will be a long lasting and happy one. I can't recommend her enough! Thank you. You are a big part of my success!

    Stella from www.bohemiangreek.com

    client testimonial | MNFL-Design

    Emilia helped me with re-branding my company and was quick and efficient. She had a sense of detail from a design perspective that we lacked. She also did our website from scratch as well as promotional materials, business cards and the basis of working materials. She went above and beyond my expectation and would be honest about ideas. 
    Emilia will be my "go to" when I need help within the design field again!

    Annika from www.vapc.me

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