31 Website design tips

In March I posted one tip for your website design per day on my Instagram stories. It was a challenge I asked myself to do in order to stay consistent with my IG stories.

Some website tips where a little more elaborate and for some I just posted one sentence.

31-website-design-tips | Emilia Ohrtmann

In this post I have written all of my 31 tips for website design down for you and you can also watch the video I created in addition with some more explanation for some of the tips.

These tips are in no particular order, they are all important ;-)

  1. Have a call to action on every single page

  2. Less is more - don’t clutter your website

  3. Invest in some professional photographs or stock photography - it makes a huge difference
    To find out more about photographs on your website check out my blog post on images here)
    And if you are looking for great stock photos, check out www.thehayleyfiser.com

  4. Make sure everyone knows immediately what your website is about

  5. Your website copy needs to speak to your ideal customer

  6. Have an email list sign up on your website

  7. Show your prices, this might be obvious for product based businesses but it is also good for service based businesses

  8. Link to your social media accounts to make sure people follow you there as well

  9. Have a great freebie/opt in on your website that people get in return when signing up for your email list

  10. Ensure your website actually looks not only great but also cohesive - cohesive branding across every page

  11. Have a very clear navigation menu

  12. Design your website with intention and guide your visitors to the final action step they should take

  13. Tell your visitors what to do next on every single page, make sure the path they should take through your website is very clear

  14. Name your images for SEO, describe every image you have on your website with keywords to make sure search engines know what the image is about and can display it

  15. Have an obvious way to contact you on your home page

  16. If you are a location based business, add a location map - if you use Squarespace for your website it is very easy to add a Google map to your website (which again helps with your SEO for Google)

  17. On your about page, tell your visitors why you are the best person in your industry, why you are the best person or business to buy from

  18. If you have an online shop, make sure your check out process is as easy and clear as possible - get rid of those abandoned shopping carts

  19. Make your life easy and use one of Squarespace’s beautiful templates to get started

  20. Know your customer and address their biggest problem on your homepage

  21. Make sure every single page of your website is mobile friendly

  22. Ensure that your website loads fast

  23. When you have an image of yourself - or another person - with text on the side, it’s great to actually look at the text, people will automatically follow your gaze and also look at the words

  24. Have testimonials of recent customers or clients across all/most pages of your website

  25. Show the most important information - one message - above the fold on your homepage

  26. Look through your website with the eyes of your ideal customer - or have someone else check the website to make sure you haven’t missed anything

  27. Don’t have music or a video with a voice running continuously - let your visitors decide if they want to watch a video or listen to music

  28. Repeat your menu in the footer so that people see it again when scrolling down your page

  29. Have the ‘not so important pages’ only in the footer to keep the main menu clean

  30. This is especially when you have a big extensive website or a blog: have a search function in the footer of your website so that people can actually search for the things they are looking for

  31. If you have a contact form, use it to ask additional questions like how people have heard of you.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I will get a small commission if you purchase through this link, at no extra cost for you. I only recommend products or services I have used, trust and love myself.

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