How to add a custom font to your Squarespace website

Squarespace gives you option of using different types of fonts. You can determine 3 different fonts for headings 1 to 3 and you can determine one font for the body text. And you can also determine the font of a quote as well as different fonts for your navigations.

You can choose from a very wide variety of fonts available. (

However sometimes you might want to add another specific font for your brand that is not available within Squarespace. And this needs to be done with a little bit of coding as well as uploading your font files.

How to add custom font to Squarespace website

If you want to add a custom font to your Squarespace website you need to go to Design -> Custom CSS. Now you need to upload your three font files (ttf/otf, woff and woff2) by clicking on manage font files.

Now you need to add the code below in the custom code section, change the name of your font and add the URL’s of each font file by just clicking into the brackets and then on the font file in manage font files.

Please watch the video tutorial below to see the exact steps you need to take in order to use a custom font on your Squarespace website.

The code:

@font-face {

 font-family: 'your font name';

 src: url(),




h1 {

 font-family: 'your font name';


The website I was talking about to generate all necessary font files is the font generator on Font Squirrel:

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