How to add a logo testimonial to your Squarespace website

You might have seen websites which showed the logos of brands the company has worked with or logo of magazines the company has been featured in. 

This can easily be done in Squarespace as well and in this video blog post I will show you how. 

Testimonial logos Squarespace Website | MNFL Design

This time I have recorded a video for you in order to explain how to add logos with white background that are all the same size, either as a slider or next to each other, to your Squarespace website. 

The video also includes a quick part of Canva ( and how to use it in order to make your logos all the same size. 

(Canva is a free online design software where you can easily create all your graphics.)

You can add your logo to any page on Squarespace. I am using an index page but this is not a must.

Let me know if you have any questions!

xx Emilia

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