4 key advantages Squarespace has over Wordpress

I know a lot of people, including me, who start designing their websites with Wordpress and then make the switch to Squarespace and wish they had done it sooner.

I am the same… When I switched my own site from Wordpress to Squarespace and then started designing all my clients sites on Squarespace I wished I had done it sooner and not contemplated for such a long time. There were so many things that were suddenly easier for me. And especially the handover process of a finished website with my clients was so much easier as they actually understood how to update their website much quicker. Consequently I got a lot less maintenance questions afterwards :-) Although I still sometimes design on Wordpress or work with Wordpress I am reminded every time I do it, why I prefer Squarespace.

So I decided to write down the main reasons why I prefer Squarespace over Wordpress. And why I recommend Squarespace over Wordpress to most of my clients.

4-key-advantages-Squarespace-has-over-Wordpress | Emilia Ohrtmann.

1. Squaresace is NOT an open source platform

Wordpress is an open source platform. That means anyone can design themes and plugins for Wordpress and put them out there and sell them. The result is that for anything you want to do you need to do some really good research before you buy a theme or plugin from someone. You need to find out if the seller is available for questions you might have or for fixing problems and also if they keep on updating their development together with the updates of Wordpress.

Squarespace is a company and you pay for their service. However this slight premium that you pay for their service includes the assurance that things work, updates and backups are being done for you and most importantly they have a great customer service that you can contact in case you have a problem.

You can watch the shorter version here ;-)

2. Squarespace is an all in one platform

With Squarespace you buy a montly plan and that gives you access to hosting as well as their customer service I mentioned above, their great, clean and user friendly themes with all the necessary functionalities as well as automatic backups and updates. You can also get your domain name from them which makes everything even easier, especially as Squarespace will be your only contact point in case there is a problem. And believe me I know that this is a huge advantage as I have spent hours trying to contact hosting companies when I needed help only to hear that the problem actually lies with my domain host.

If you have a Wordpress website you need a hosting company for your domain, a hosting company for your webspace, a company you buy your template from and of course all the different suppliers of the necessary plugins.

3. You don't need Plugins with Squarespace

This is a huge advantage I feel. With wordpress you need plugins for almost any function you want to achieve. These plugins can be bought from different companies and as I said above you need to do your research wether it's a reliable plugin or not.

With Squarespace you can design a beautiful website that has all the major and important function without any additional plugins.

Contact forms are built in, Google maps are built in, the newsletter sign up options is built in, different options to display images are build in, Instagram can be connected and your latest images can be shown on your website, you can add the Pinterest pin it button to your images to name just a few functions that you get delivered with your Squarespace plan. This fact is actually a huge time and headache saver and will make your life so much easier than going off and searching for hours for the right plugin to do just what you want to have on your website.

Although there are companies you can buy plugins from these days – and I admit I love some of them - you don't actually need them at all to build a website that stands out.

4. Squarespace helps with your SEO as well as Analytics

Although this actually belongs to the point above of no plugins I want to mention is separately as it is a huge help.

There is always this assumption that Squarespace is not good for SEO. This is just not true. I think it's because with Wordpress you can use a plugin called Yoast SEO where you can customize your search results people will see and it helps you with headlines, headings, keywords, word count and to eliminate fill words.

However with Squarespace you can basically do the same thing. Check out my blog post on how to optimize our SEO for Squarespace here.


Squarespace also creates the so called sitemaps for you and sends updates to Google, meaning Google will be informed about any new content your website. So you don't have to worry about that either.  

Although I would always recommend to use Google Analytics (which can be connected easily to Squarespace without adding any code like with Wordpress) you don't need to do that as Squarespace has its own Analytics section included which shows you how many website visitors you have, where they are coming from, what you popular pages are and so much more.

To sum it up, you do pay a slight premium for a great service which makes your life a lot easier in comparison to Wordpress. However you know that this is the cost that covers everything, there are no additional costs for plugins and themes etc. In addition Squarespace does things for you in the background you would not even know you needed unless you had a Wordpress website before.

Let me give you an example, when https – the secure domain names – was introduced we actually did not have to do anything with Squarespace, they just changed it all for us and made our websites secure automatically. With Wordpress you had to contact your domain host and upgrade your service with them (pay more) so they make your domain secure.

I do hope this helped with your decision to go for Squarespace :)

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