The complete guide to blogging on Squarespace

One of the pre-assumptions of Squarespace is that Squarespace is not ideal for blogging. I’ve heard that a lot. And everyone thinks Wordpress is the go to solution for blogging.

I have blogged on Wordpress and I have designed a few wordpress blogs and now I am personally blogging for two blogs on Squarespace and have designed many blogs on Squarespace. And I love blogging on Squarespace. I don’t find it restricting and can highly recommend it. Especially when you are looking for an easy solution where everything is taken care for you. With Squarespace you don’t have to worry about updates and backups and if you have a problem you can contact their great customer service team.

Complete guide to blogging with Squarespace | Emilia Ohrtmann

So in this post I want to show you how you can write your blog with Squarespace.

Adding a blog page in Squarespace

First you need to add a page which holds all your blog posts. This can be a page that is displayed in your menu or a not linked page and you display your posts another way. But you can not blog on a normal page. You need to add a specific blog page.

A complete guide how to blog on Squarespace | Emilia Ohrtmann

Name your blog.

Adding a new blog post

  • Now you click on the plus sign

  • add a blog title

  • Add your text and style it like a normal page

  • add your images like on a normal page

A complete guide how to blog on Squarespace

Editing your blog post

You can edit the content and work on your blog post either in the blog post editor or in the editor that looks like a page.

If you want to edit inside the blog editor. You just click on the edit button of the specific blog post. You can do this either in draft mode or on an already published post. This is what the blog post editor looks like.

A complete guide how to blog on Squarespace | Emilia Ohrtmann
A complete guide how to blog on Squarespace | Emilia Ohrtmann

Or you can click on the title of the blog post, click edit and you can edit it like this.

A complete guide how to blog on Squarespace | Emilia Ohrtmann

Adding images and a thumbnail image

I can only recommend to add at least one image to your blog post. Images make everything more interesting and like that you can easily promote your blog post on Pinterest. You can add images and style images just like on a normal page.

This is a video that shows the different options you have with images.

You should also always add a thumbnail image.

This image will be shown on any overview page or when you use the summary block for your blog posts.

To add your thumbnail image you need to click on edit of that blog post and click on options.

A complete guide how to blog on Squarespace | Emilia Ohrtmann

Adding an excerpt and defining the URL

In options you can also add an excerpt text for the blog post which will be shown on any overview page or summary block. This is usually about 2-3 sentences long and describes what this blog post is about. You can style the excerpt just like a normal page.

You can change the URL name in case you want to take out any fill words to make the URL a little shorter. Automatically Squarespace will take the title for the URL and often that is a little long.

Adding an excerpt for a blog post in Squarespace
Adding a blog URL in Squarespace

Here you can also define who the author of this post is, incase you have more than one.

Adding a location

If you are a location based business or this post is about a location. it is recommended to add the location to your blog post as well.

Editing a blog post in Squarespace

Adding categories and tags

Blog posts are usually divided into categories. So in my case I categorize my posts as business, Squarespace, website design or branding.

When you use the summary block you can also define if you just want to show certain categories.

If you want to learn more about summary blocks you can watch this video I am explaining all about summary blocks.

Both categories and tags are good for Google and that people can find what they are looking for on your website.

Where categories are more the overarching topic of this blog post, a tag can go into detail. So for this blog post I would use blogging, blogging with Squarespace, tags, categories, summary blocks, adding images to blogs etc.

You can add categories and tags as well as choose from existing ones under the content section on the bottom left.

Categories and tags when blogging on Squarespace


You can define if you want readers to comment on your blog posts or not.

Categories and tags when blogging on Squarespace

Under settings and blogging you can define whether your pre-set for comments is on or off.

Publish your blog post

When you are writing your blog post it is automatically a draft. When you are finished with writing you can either save and publish it right away.

Blogging with Squarespace

Or you can decide if you want to keep it as a draft for now by click on save.

You can also schedule your post for another day by clicking on and then defining the day and time you want to publish the post.

blogging on Squarespace

You can see on the blog overview page that a post is scheduled and when it will go live.

Blogging with Squarespace

Here you can also watch how to blog on Squarespace in a video tutorial

SEO tips for blogging with Squarespace

  • Have your keywords in your blog title

  • Use your keywords for headings

  • Use your keywords throughout the text

  • Name your images

  • Write in short paragraphs

  • Don’t use many fill words

  • Short URL names with just keywords and no fill words

Another fun video :-)

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