Why you should display your prices on your website

When I speak to my customers there is always a point when the question arises whether or not they should display their prices on their website.

If you have an online shop there is no question about it, of course you display your prices. However if you have service based business or a product based business but don’t have an online shop - may be you just want to display your products somewhere - the same question still arises. Should you display your prices on your website?

 When talking to my clients I realized that many are very hesitant of putting their prices on their website. They feel it’s like putting a label on them.  I get so many answers like

“What if I am too expensive?”

“What if my competition sees the prices?”

“My price depends on the customer and I always do custom quotes.”

“Nobody else does it.”

In this blog post I wrote down 5 reasons why you should display your prices on your website.

And I will be answering your above questions!

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I would say there are two types of clients or customers. The first type will try and find out as much about you and your product or service on your website as possible. They actually know whether they want to book you or not before they have spoken to you. The other type does not look much at your website anyway and is looking directly at a way to get in contact with you. This is because they might have heard about you through a friend or social media.

 Therefore I would always recommend to display your prices on your website. So why do I say that?

Why you should display your prices on your website

In general I always say that you need to display your prices on your website. So why do I say that?

 To say it really direct: everyone wants to know the price of what they are buying before they are buying. People will always ask. So why not tell them right from the start? Give them what they are looking for.

Give your customers what they are looking for

With your website you have a few seconds to convince your visitors that they think they are on the right website and will find what they are looking for. If they feel attracted by your homepage, they will stay and look further.

As I said earlier, there is a type of visitor who wants to find out as much as possible about you and your business in a limited time.

By being able to see what you do, how you can help them and solve their problem and what kind of prices you offer they will know if you are the right person to contact or not. So it will save them time.

Save yourself time

And it will save you time. By showing your prices people know if they can afford you or not. And you won’t get enquiries that you have to answer - and possibly meet - of people who will actually not buy from you anyway. This will save you a lot of time and you will attract more of the right customers. The customers who know what your prices are and are willing to pay that amount.

 Show your visitors who you are

 If people don’t see prices on a website it still gives many people the impression that you are too expensive for them. And they won’t dare to contact you even if you were within their price range.

 If you really don’t want to display your prices for whatever reason you need to make sure your visitors still get a feeling of the type of business you have. You could state it, like saying something like very affordable xyz service or high end product xyz.

 Own your worth

 Talking about prices is an awkward topic for many, so by showing your prices you can avoid talking about them. The people who are contacting you are very likely to have seen your prices already and just want a confirmation from your side that it is correct. In addition you will also do your research and learn to really price yourself correctly and feel comfortable with your price.

 Now I want to give an answer to the four typical responses I get when talking about displaying prices which I mentioned in the beginning. This will also show you that you need to learn to own your prices.

  • “What if I am too expensive?”
    Well if you really think that then you must be too expensive. Otherwise own your price! Your customers will ask you for your price sooner or later anyway. Almost nobody will buy something without know the price. So if you are too expensive for them, they will find out and not buy from you anyway. The chances of you ‘persuading’ them into buying because they have spoken to you are usually only there if you were not totally out of their price range. And that means they will contact you anyway.

  • “What if my competition sees the prices?”
    Why not? They could also call you up and ask you directly or pretend they are a customer.
    Again own your price. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You have made a decision on your prices that has a foundation, there is a reason for it. So you can tell people about them, also your competition.
    Plus you might have an advantage over your competition who are not telling their prices as you offer more transparency. (Search engines also like this.)

  • “My price depends on the customer and I always do custom quotes.”
    Yes, but you have a price range. Tell your visitors about the prices ranges you offer and why they differ. Or you have different kind of products or services, so you can display them.

  • “Nobody else does it.”
    Be the only one then! Be the first one. This can be your advantage in your industry. People love transparency and might book you instead of someone else just because of that.

Showing your price helps with SEO

 And last but not least showing prices on your website might help you with your search engine results. People always search for prices on the internet. By being the one who answers that question you will set yourself apart and might even generate more traffic on your website than others. Search engines like good, quality content on websites and seeing that a website answers people’s questions. By answering people’s question about a price you are doing that.

Basically you are giving people what they want.

Why you would not want to display your prices

 There are very few reasons I would really ‘accept’ why you should not display your prices :-)

The one reason I can think of is when you really price yourself totally differently to different people or enquiries. You might be giving your services for free to some (eg. non profit organisations) and charge high amounts to others (like big corporations). You would not want to say that on your website. In these cases need to be creative and find a way of still getting that across to people. You could display your high prices and still say if you are a non profit organizations, ‘please contact me as I want to support you’, or something along those lines.

 You also need to make sure that you are showing your value to your website visitors. Even if you give things away for free but you are generally in the higher price range, you need to make sure to show that you offer a high end product or service through your branding, images and copy.

 I would love to hear your comments below. Also if you find another reason why you should not display your prices, do let me know. And maybe I can convince you otherwise ;-)  

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