How to add a form to your Squarespace website

Having a form on your website is very helpful and it can actually be used in many ways.

Squarespace makes it very easy for your to add a simple and beautiful contact form. But you can also do a lot more with Squarespace’s form block. In this video blog post I am showing you what you can do with the form block on Squarespace and you will find some ideas you can do with it below the video as well.

How to add a form to your Squarespace website | MNFL Design

The advantage of having a contact form on your website instead of just showing your email address is that you can actually ask for some more relevant information like how your website visitor has heard about you or what their current website is, which one of your services they are looking for and many more options.

You could also use a third party provider like your email list service provider’s form, however you might not be able to make them look exactly like the rest of your site. The beauty with the build in form blocks from Squarespace is that you can style them so they look like your brand. Plus it is very easy to use and set up.

You can link the form block to your email inbox and the information will be delivered directly to your inbox. You can also choose to store the information in a google document, this can be good if you are having a questionnaire on your website. And you can link it directly to Mailchimp for any newsletter opt-in. Something that is new and very handy is that you can now also link it to Zapier which can link your form to any other third party email list provider like for example Convertkit.

All this can be done under the advanced tab.

How to use the form block in Squarespace

In the video below you will be able to see how to set up the form block, how to customize it and how to link it to your inbox.

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    Here are some other ideas you can do with the form block on your Squarespace website:

    • a feedback form

    • a questionnaire

    • an application

    • an opt-in form

    • making an appointment

    A form block is basically good for whenever you are asking for more information, so you can be creative ;-)

    how to use the form block squarespace | MNFL Design

    This is for example a form that I use on my website to ask my previous clients some questions about their experience working with me, a feedback form.

    This is done super simple by using lot’s of text areas in my form.

    Have a good day and do let me know in the comments if you have any queestions!

    xx Emilia

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