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When my clients come to me and say they want a logo or a website, they usually have a great business idea and can tell me all about it and why it is so good and important. They have a lot of notes and even more ideas what to do and how to expand their future business. This is absolutely amazing and I ALWAYS love hearing all about it! I think venturing into a new business is so exciting and I could still sit for hours with my customers and talk about their idea.

However when I ask them about their target customer, who they want to sell their products or services to and why they should buy, the answer is usually relatively short.

So in this blog post I first want to explain why it is so important to know your ideal customer and secondly how to define your ideal customer.

Why it is important to know your ideal customer?

Everybody is different. Everybody has different needs. Everybody likes different things and services. Everybody spends their free time differently and everybody spends their money on different things. People have different tastes! And that is good. But that also means not everybody is going to buy from you and understand your product or services.

So in order to not waste time, money and energy trying to convince people to buy from you who will never actually be really interested in what you offer you have to know your ideal customer. The perfect fit so to speak. Who is your product or services really for and why. Who will always buy from you?

Once you know and understand your ideal customer, you can really target her or him. Tailor your products for their liking and needs. And target them with your Marketing: your brand, your website, your voice, your social media campaigns. For everything your do you should have your target customer in mind and make sure it would fit him or her.

Let’s say you own a children’s party planning business. First of all it is quite simple, only mums (and may be dads) will be your target customer. Yes true, BUT not all mums really need a party planning business to help them plan their child’s birthday. The truth is, it is probably the minority of mums who would hire you. However there are a lot of very successful party planning businesses out there. So why is that? They probably really know their audience and customers, what their needs are and how they can target and of course help them.

Therefore let me help you to define your ideal customer!

You should start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What problem do you solve with your product or service?

  2. Who needs help through your product or service?
    Once your know the problem you solve you can define who has this problem and who needs your help. Now you can really define your customer.

  3. Getting to know your target customer.
    Is your customer and woman or a man? How old is your customer? Where does your customer live? Do they have a family? Where does your customer work? What is your customer’s income level? What is your customer’s education level? What are your customer’s hobbies? Where does your customer spend their free time? Go as far as asking yourself: What are your customer’s worries and challenges in life?

  4. Details of your customer’s buying habits.
    Where and how does your customer shop? What are your customers buying habits? How does your customer make buying decisions? What influences your customers buying decisions?

Now you can define your product or service from your customer’s point of view.

  1. How does your product help your customer? How does your product improve your customer’s life? What needs does your product or service serve for your customer?

  2. What is the biggest problem/pain point of your customer? How do you solve this problem? Of all the benefits you offer, which are the most important to your ideal customer? Why should your customer buy from you and not from your competition?

  3. When does your customer buy your product? Which time of the year, month or week does your customer buy your product? What needs to happen that your customer buys your product?

  4. What is your customer’s objection to buying your product or service?

  5. What is your customer’s buying strategy. How does he or she go about deciding on a product or service? Has your customer bought a similar product or service before? How can you help making his/her buying decision easier?

I have also prepared a one page checklist to define your ideal customer for you to download here:


Most entrepreneurs don’t know their target customer really. So they waste a lot of time and money to try and sell to people that are actually not interested in their product or services.

Knowing your customer and being able to focus on this customer is one key success point of your business!

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Or send me an email, I promise I will answer :-)

Have a great day, Emilia

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