How to design great graphics for social media

Almost everyone has a social media account for their business these days. And you will need to design some graphics for them at some point for which you can’t always hire a designer. So you will design yourself at some point.

In this post I want to show you some quick tips on how to design great and impactful graphics for social media even if you are not a designer or have never designed before.

Of course you can design nice graphics with powerpoint or keynote but it can be quite complicated sometimes. Therefore I would recommend using the free design software Canva to design your simple social media graphics. (

Canva is a free online graphic design program, it is accessible to anyone and very user-friendly. It has a lot of free templates and ready to use graphics as well as images. There are also some templates that cost money but they are very affordable. Of course it has some limitations in comparison to for example Adobe Illustrator but for a free tool for basic designs it is amazing.

how to designe great graphics for social media | MNFL Design

You can find a general tutorial on how to use Canva here.

But today I want to show you some ways how I would design graphics for social media with Canva in 2 videos I have recorded for you.

However first you need to know some basic design principles that you should follow:

1.    Space

Never overload your design or the viewers eye will not know where to look or what is your main message. Make use of the space of your design and use white space to make your social media graphic more impactful.

2.   Color

When it comes to color, less is usually more. Use two to three colors from your branded color palette for each one of your designs. Overall it will come together nicely. Of course you can use a bold color to draw attention to something. But be careful and don’t overuse that color. Again less is usually more. You can also draw attention by other means like bold text for example.

3.   Typography

Again pick two to maximum three fonts and stay consistent. You can then use them in bold or italics to make a statement or draw attention to something specific in your design.

4.   Hierarchy

Define your main message and make sure it is visible the most. Create a hierarchy by making this the boldest, biggest or brightest part of your design. 

5.   Stay consistent and use your brand material

First of you all you need to stay consistent with your designs and choosen style, colors, fonts etc. You probably have some guidelines for your brand from your designer, use them in order to have a cohesive brand appearance across all marketing channels (your website, your physical store front, your social media accounts etc) 

Overall: less is more

And remember for all your designs, messages and marketing material, less is usually more and will make more of an impact!

Learn more about the 8 graphic design principles for any design here:

How to design Instagram graphics in Canva

How to design graphics for Pinterest in Canva

I hope this was helpful for you and gave you some ideas how to design your own graphics for social media in the future!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for blog topics!

x Emilia

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