How to use the index pages in Squarespace

In Squarespace you can create all sorts of different types of pages besides the normal page. The so called index pages are a great tool to create different kind of effects and in this blog post I am going to write down how to create them and what you can use them for. There is also a video inside the post where I give an even better demonstration.

How to use index pages for Squarespace websites

What you can use Index Pages in Squarespace for

With Index pages you can create different sections within one page that can have a totally different style and there have their own url which means they are like pages. So basically you are creating pages withing a page.

You could for example create one long homepage with an introduction section, an about section, a portfolio section as well as a contact section with an index page. And you could link from your main menu to those individual sections on your homepage instead of linking to separate pages.

You can also create very nice parallax scrolling effects with an index page.

How to create an index page in Squarespace

In order to create an index page you need to click on pages and then on the little plus sign to create a new page. Instead of clicking on page you click on index. You can now name your index and underneath you can start adding sections and name them as well. They work just like normal pages. You can add a thumbnail image which works as your background image to create different colored backgrounds for each section. And of course you can add text and images as well as buttons and forms as usual. You also have a separate URL for each section which you can use when you want to link to that specific section.

You can also move the sections around within the index to create a different order. And you can move one section out of the index to create a separate page.

Please note that index pages are only available in certain templates and you can find a list of all the templates here.

In this video I used a template from the brine family and I can only add a page or a gallery as a section. In other template families there are more options like also adding events or product pages. So this might be something to consider when creating your site.

Watch this video to see the whole tutorial on how to add your index pages

Adding a thumbnail to your index page

You can add a thumbnail image to your index sections by clicking on the little sun icon on the right of each section and clicking on media. Depending on the template family the image may become the background of that section (as in Brine family), the navigation thumbnail or a banner (as in the bedford family).

I hope this post and the video were helpful and please leave any questions you have in the comments section below.

Have a great day


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