My pre-launch checklist for your Squarespace website

As you might know by now, I love building websites for my clients on Squarespace. And I would - 95% of the time - recommend Squarespace to my clients and also anybody else who wants to build their own website. It is easy to use and update and I love their beautiful and optimized templates. You can read more about why I love Squarespace so much here.

One more reason why I like Squarespace so much is, that they make a lot of things very easy for us, especially for the non techie entrepreneurs among us. Some of the things are very important and you basically just need to double check that everything is done before you launch your website.

Today I have written down a list of things you need to remember before you launch your new website with Squarespace, find my pre-launch checklist for your website, also to download, below!

Launch checklist for your Squarespace website | MNFL Design

Before you launch your website with Squarespace there are a few things you should to remember to do and double check. 

My pre-launch checklist


1. Add your search engine description

You can actually determine the text search engines display when your website is displayed in search engine results.

Search engine description | SEO Squarespace | MNFL Design

If you go under Settings -> SEO you can add a description that will appear. This text should not exceed 155 words. Otherwise it is cut off by the search engines. (note mine is too long :-))

Pre-launch checklist for Squarespace | MNFL Design

One of the things people often say about Squarespace is that it is not as SEO friendly as Wordpress because it does not have plugin for SEO. This is not true. Squarespace does a lot for you when it comes to SEO (find out more here, where I have written down all the steps you can take to improve your SEO ranking with Squarespace).


2. Turn on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

To turn on AMP you need to go to Settings -> Blogging -> click enable AMP.

Pre-launch checklist Squarespace | MNFL Design

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) encourages faster loading for mobile pages. AMP is basically a stripped-down form of HTML which displays the page content without styling and easy to read on mobile devices. And Google as well as other search engines prefer websites with fast loading speed. (Please note: AMP is only available for blog pages, so if you don’t have a blog page, you can skip this step.) You can read more about using AMP with Squarespace here.

3. Turn on SSL

If you go to Settings -> Security & SSL -> click on enable secured

Pre-launch checklist Squarespace | MNFL Design

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a technology that secures the connection between your browser and the website you’re visiting. A website that starts with https has SSL. This should be done automatically by Squarespace but it’s good to double check.  

4. Connect your social media accounts

If you have social media accounts for your business, it makes sense to add them to your website to show credibility and also show visitors where they can follow you along.

Go to Settings -> Connected Accounts -> connect your social media accounts -> save

Pre-launch checklist Squarespace | MNFL Design


5. Add social share buttons

If you want to make your posts and images to be sharable by your visitors, go to Marketing -> share buttons -> select the accounts you want to add for social sharing -> Save

Pre-launch checklist Squarespace | MNFL Design

You can decide if your readers can share your blog posts on their social media sites. Whether and how the share buttons are displayed depends on your template and is configured in the Style Editor. This is an example of how it looks at the end of my blog posts:

Pre-launch checklist Squarespace | MNFL Design

6. Add a Pin-It button

If you want visitors to be able to pin your images from your website directly to Pinterest you can do this by going to Marketing -> Pin it Buttons.

Here you can determine if you want to enable all images on your website or just the ones from your blog and also how the pin it button will be displayed. See my example here:

Adding pin it button Squarespace | MNFL Design


7. Add a social sharing image

You can actually determine the image that is used when people share your website on social media!

This is how you do it. Go to Design -> Logo & Template -> Scroll down to upload an image as social sharing logo -> Save.

Adding social sharing image Squarespace | MNFL Design


8. Link to Google Analytics

Squarespace Analytics section is great and will probably be enough for you in the beginning. However for a more extensive analysis of your website traffic it is wise to connect Google Analytics right from the start so that Google will already collect data. Plus it is another way to be connected to Google for better search results.

Go to Settings -> Advanced -> External Services -> Add you Google Analytics Account Number -> Save

You can read more about how to do this here.

9. Disable Squarespace badge

If you don’t want to show that you have a website with Squarespace you can easily disable their badge by going to Design -> Squarespace Badge -> Disable -> save

Disable Squarespace Badge | MNFL Design


10. Adding a cookie banner

Certain laws (like the new GDPR law) may require that show you visitors that you are using cookies. They need to consent to the usage first before you can actually use them. In order to add a cookie banner you need to go  Settings -> Cookies & Visitor Data -> check enable cookie banner -> save

Underneath, you can also write your unique text that appears in your banner. Remember to add a link to your privacy policy

Cookie Banner Squarespace | MNFL Design


11. Disable Squarespace Analytics cookies and activity log (only until visitors have agreed to do so)

When you have a cookie banner you are only allowed to collect your visitors data once they have clicked the consent button in that banner. To make sure Squarespace only collects the necessary data for visitors who have agreed to do so, you need to go to Settings -> Cookies & Visitor Data -> check Disable Squarespace Analytics Cookies as well as the activity log- > save


12. Update your business information

Lastly I would double check if all the information you added about your business is correct. You can do this by going to Settings -> Business Information -> add all relevant data -> Save.

Note that some templates will automatically display some of your contact data on your site so you need to make sure you are only adding in here what you want to show.

If you are a location based business, I would encourage you to add your location here as well as it will also help you for SEO purposes. Have a read through the descriptions on the settings page in order to see how and where your information will be displayed.

Download your own website pre-launch checklist here.

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    I hope this was helpful for your and please let me know if you have any questions!

    xx Emilia

    P.S. If you haven't started your Squarespace website yet, have a look at my FREE Squarespace START UP video course!

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