Tips on letting go and delegating to grow your business

I have talked about it before and it is always part of tips I would give for any business owner: delegate some of your work to concentrate on the things you are really good at. I know it’s hard, I have been there. But it is possible and feels so good.

Today I want to use a whole blog post on delegation and letting go as I think it has been so important for me and my life as a business owner but also as a person.

Tips on letting go and delegating to grow your small business | Emilia Ohrtmann

Tips on letting go and delegating to grow your small business | Emilia Ohrtmann

Why is it so important?

In a simple sentence it frees up time so that you can concentrate on the things you like and are good at!

It is also very liberating and often brings back the joy to your business. which can get lost when we are just hustling and trying to do everything.

You can learn new things. You can become better with your core skills. Essentially you are creating space and are opening up to new areas for your business. You are creating growth.

Letting go of the perfectionism

I am a perfectionist. When I do things I want everything to be perfect. This is true for every aspect of my life. And it is great and it is also part of the reason my clients book me. However when you are a perfectionist it is so easy to never actually finish, to never let go. 

For me and my work it was essential that I learned to let go and be happy with my work, with my projects, my offerings. 

This is true for every part in my business, not only client work but even a social media post. I learned to just do it and not think about it too much but just hit the send or the publish button. I learned that these are the main reasons why perfectionism can actually hold you back and just doing is always better:

  1. It can still be changed and adapted later

  2. Nobody is as interested as you

  3. If you do make a mistake the world will still be moving - and you just correct your mistake

  4. Done is better than perfect (and never doing it)

  5. Just start and new doors will open

  6. Good is good enough

Delegation, automation and elimination

Delegation, automation and elimination are key time saving factors for any small business owner and help me every day. However I know it is not as easy as it sounds. And I am going to start to write about delegating as I know it can be the hardest. 


I know the feeling: you are hardly making any money and people are telling you to outsource, basically to spend your hard earned money on someone else - for things you could actually do yourself. I mean it’s not rocket science. I know these thoughts, I have had them myself.  I had so many ideas and I heard so many things that I have to do that I took on more and more. And then there came a point when I realized it is enough. I can’t do it all. AND there are people that can do things better than me. I have to let go.

There is a point where your time is just not enough for everything anymore. You are spending more and more time on the little things than on the most important ones to actually grow your business. It is time to outsource. To let go of some things and hire people who are better than you. It is time to delegate. It is time to make space to concentrate on growth.

And I promise you, once you start outsourcing it will be such a liberating feeling. Once you find the right people who give you a lot of value for your money, it feels a little bit like a relief.

Here are some ideas you might be able to outsource. However every business is different and you need to see what works for you. 

Always remember to concentrate on the things you are good at and that bring you the most joy. Those are the things that are bringing the most value to your business from your side. 

And hire people that are better than you. It is ok. I personally think as long as you understand a little bit of the things you are delegating, it is ok.

Here are some ideas you can delegate:

  • Website design (obviously ;-)

  • Any graphic design work

  • Brand consultancy and management

  • Marketing 

  • Accounting

  • Social media management (or parts of it)

  • Any Photography

  • Blog post writing, content writing

  • Video editor

  • General tech or computer help/services

  • PR

  • Event planning

Delegation, automation and elimination | Emilia Ohrtmann

Ideas to find the right people

I also did not know where to start. Where should I find the right people to help? The right systems to help? I did not even have the time to look, let alone train someone. However I promise you in the long run it is much better to start early and just do it, may be slowly than to wait. In the beginning - like everything - it seems like a daunting process. You might not find the right people or programs right away, but once you do, you will not regret it!

First you need to decide though what you want to outsource. Then you can look specifically for one person and give it a try.

Here are some ideas where you can look for help:

  • Post in your local Facebook groups

  • Post in your industries Facebook group - I don’t have anyone helping me who lives in the same city like I do for example and it works perfectly

  • Post on websites like or - here you have to be very specific in what you are looking for to only get the right people answer to your posts

  • Speaks to industry peers and ask for recommendations

  • Speak to friends and may be even clients to ask for recommendations, just be open to ideas - basically share that you need help and in which areas

  • You might even consider posting it on social media, I have heard from a few people that one of their fans became their best employee ;-)

And remember you don’t need to look for a full time employee, I mean just outsource a little bit on an hourly or monthly rate.


A lot easier than delegation might be automation for your business. There are many tools that can help you save time and work more effectively. This often requires a lot of discipline and preparation. But it is great to create systems for your business that help you save time in the long run.

Examples for automation are:

  • social media management tools

  • email list management

  • Automated emails

  • Answering frequently asked questions on your website

  • Having email templates in place to answer emails more efficiently

A great help for many things you can automate is


As small business owners there are so many things we need to do. There are also so many things we think we need to do. However once you let go of all these things and don’t listen to everyone else telling you what else you have to do to concentrate on the things that are really important right now to grow your business, it is very liberating and you can work on the key drivers that will actually help you right now.

I would recommend that you sit down and write down all the things you are doing right now. Then think about whether these things are actually helping your business grow. Once you see all the things are you doing written down it is a lot easier to see if you actually need to do them or not.

I always sit down and write down my goals, I write down yearly and quarterly goals and then I decide what do I really need to do in order to achieve these goals. Everything else can probably be outsourced, automated or even eliminated.

Also be honest to yourself and decide which things are not working for you right now. Are you spending your time on the right social media platform for example? Is blogging working for you? Are you meeting the right people? Have you hired the right people? May be a discovery call instead of a meeting would be more effective? There are so many things that might be nice and that you might like to do but that are no actually driving your business and making you reach your goals.

Letting go of the negative thoughts

I wanted to add this one on because I think as small business owners and often working alone you might be telling yourself that you can’t do it or that you will never make it. It can be easy to give up before you have really started. I know, I have been there. Things might not be working the way you want or expected and it is easy to fall into the circle of negative thoughts. Or you might think that everything has been done before, that you are just one of millions.

If we let negative thoughts rule our business it will not grow, it will not be successful. Therefore it is essential to let go.

Manifestation and positive affirmations but also great goal setting and planning have always helped me to stay on track and not letting negative thoughts taking over.

And remember it takes time and a lot of dedicated hard work. Nothing happens over night. You have to use trial and error to find out what works for you. This is true for every area of your business, also letting go.

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