My number ONE website design TIP

There are many things you can look out for when designing your website. I have written about a lot of them in the past.

However if you are just starting out, you are probably having a slight overwhelm at the moment. You might be doing everything yourself and you know you need a website but you don't know where to start. I totally get you. I have been there as well!

That is why I thought about the one tip that I would give you for your website. And to be honest this also applies to your business in general. Especially in the beginning.

My number one tip for your website and business

If I only had one tip that I could give you for your website, it would be:


Don't stress yourself out with wanting to design the perfect website with all the information you have. And you being perfectly presented on there. Just start by having a simple website. The most important information that really needs to be on your website is:

  • who you are

  • what you do

  • how to contact you

These are really the most important parts of a website. And to give you a little more depth here, this is what you should include.

Who you are

  • What do you do

  • Why are you different from your competition

What you do:

  • How can you help your website visitor with their problem

  • Be specific - why are you different, in what exact way do you help

  • If you are location based, also say where you are

How to contact you:

  • You need an obvious contact form or email address on your website

  • Again if you are location based, you need to have your location on there and how to get to you

  • May be an email list sign up, so you can actually contact your website visitors even if they haven’t contacted you yet

But again, keep it simple. Don’t overthink it. Be clear and precise. Don’t let your website visitors guess what you are doing.

You can actually write one sentence for each other the three points.

For me this would be something like this:

I am Emilia Ohrtmann and I help female entrepreneurs around the world to start their dream business. I come alongside you for your start up phase and create a brand and a website that stands out from the crowd. Get in touch to get your custom quote.

One page website

You can start with just one page. One page that is branded, beautiful, easy to read, easy to understand and answers those first questions.

This can very easily be achieved with Squarespace because it makes the set up very easy. You just have to start a trial with them, then you choose a template that you like, add your content and images, change the colors to your own, add your logo and you are basically already good to go. All you need to do it get a basic plan with them and a domain name. It is very easy to do that and to take your site life.

Branding of your website

The same applies to the branding of your website. Keep it simple. Determine 3-5 colors that you will be using everywhere and determine about 3 font types that you will use. Use a lot of white space. White space works is actually a design part and works for you. It let’s the website breathe, it helps to structure things, it helps to draw attention to the main things and make them stand out. It is easy on the viewer’s eye.


Photographs are an easy and very effective way to make a website stand out and look stunning in an instant.  

Get some great photographs that go with your brand style and tell the same story. They basically need to show visually what you are doing and what you want to tell your visitors.

In the beginning you can get some great stock photographs that will immediately make your website look beautiful.

And use one great image of yourself! Don’t be shy. People want to see who is behind a website, they want to know who they are contacting.

I have written down some tips on photography in this blog post.

But overall again keep it simple, use a few great images rather than many that are not the best quality.

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    Your website will develop

    Your business will develop and change over time. And you website will also develop and evolve over time.

    You will learn what your customers want from you. You will learn how you can help them even better. You will learn what else to offer.

    You will have more content to put on there.

    You will learn the way you want your content to be out there. Your brand will develop.

    And you will learn how to do it. Also you can employ a designer later on once you have made some money with your business.

    Keeping it simple for your business

    Actually I can only recommend this for every aspect of you business. Don’t overthink things, just do them. I know exactly what it is like when something is never finished and never perfect. That is very common in design ;-) However it is better to do something that is not 100% perfect than never doing it.  This applies to having a website, having a social media account, writing your first blog post, posting on social media, doing your first video and the list goes on.


    Also set yourself only one goal and work on that. You don’t need to do everything at once. Keeping it simple and working on things step by step makes you work more effectively, I promise you.

    Keeping it simple can also mean to outsource things. Maybe you don’t have time to do everything, or you are overwhelmed by all the little things that need to be done. Again my tip is to concentrate on the most important things and what you do best and let other people do what they do best.

    My homework for you today is: think about your business and your website and come up with at least one thing that you can simplify :-)

    I hope this blog post was helpful and as always I would love to hear from you in the comments.

    Have a great day

    xx Emilia

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