Owning one color for your business

In recent weeks I talked about why it is important to show the heart of a company: the owner! Who it actually is that started the business as well as the why and the how. By telling the unique story of the founder of the business you will set your business apart just because nobody else has the same story. And by knowing the person behind a business, customers are more likely to connect on a personal level and they will remember your business over others! This is also part of branding!

However there is another very important aspect of branding and I often feel that people forget about it or shy away from it. And that is: choosing ONE brand color!

I love simplicity and black and white. Many of my clients come to me and want to have a just a plain black logo. And yes, I love that. And it can be very powerful. Think about all the famous fashion designers. Think about Chanel!

However don’t forget the power of color and the psychology of color. It plays such an important part in our buying decisions, whether we know it or not. Color communicates our brand’s personality and differentiates us from our competition

Therefore using just one color for your brand and really owning it can be so powerful! It will actually set you apart just as well as the person behind a business can.  

The-power-of-owning-one-color | MNFL Design

In this blog post I first want to describe why it is so powerful to just use one color for your brand. And then I will give you some examples of companies that do this exceptionally well

Why owning one brand color for your company is so powerful

Color psychology

However there are some companies out there that own a color so well that it doesn’t matter if you like the color or not. You associate that color with a company and if you don’t know what to choose you will take them because you know them, just by having seen their color so often. This can be subconsciously or consciously. You would still choose this company over another just because of that feeling of ‘I know them’.

In these cases often the logo is actually not as important as the color. It is the color that you would notice first and know already which company it is. Think CocaCola or McDonalds or Cadbury to name just a few. Do you know what their logo looks like exactly? Even if you don’t, you will know their color.

You can actually trademark your color as well and these big names that I mentioned have done this.

In this blog post I am not writing about owning a color only in the sense of having it trademarked but actually using it in a way what you own it. By using just this one color boldly and over and over again - everywhere - people will know and remember you for this one color, whether it’s trademarked or not.

The power of owning a color

Choosing 4-5 brand colors well and just using them over and over again by staying totally consistent is very powerful. Over time this will make you stand out and be unique. These brand colors will be how your audience identifies you among the crowd.

However using just ONE striking color is actually another level. And even more powerful.

Yes, it is more daring but when you do it right, you will be even more recognizable than other companies who use their brand colors really well.

By using just one color boldly you will make people look at you, whether they want to or not!

Think about Tiffany or the famous red shoe soles of Christian Louboutin…

Let’s say you are traveling and don’t know where to have a coffee. Suddenly you see the familiar green color of Starbucks and that’s it, the decisions if made for you. Even if you don’t usually go to Starbucks! Subconsciously your mind will decide to go there because it is a known brand / color.

The same is true, for example, if you want to send a parcel but you are in a different country. Once you see the familiar brown of UPS the decision is probably made for you. You know them just by knowing their color and having seen their vans in your home country many times. So you would choose UPS over any other shipping company even if you have not consciously used them before.

Of course it takes time to define one color as your own! You need to use it over and over again and you need to become bigger in order to be known. Yes that is true, but if you define your one color from the start and use only this one color all the time, you will get known for it even when starting out in your small circle of customers and followers.

Examples of companies that own a color really well

These are companies that are well known for one specific color and they use it boldly! They have not randomly chosen one color but strategically a color that displays a certain feeling that the brand wants to portray.

For example blue stands for trust and loyalty and wealth, so it is no surprise that Deutsche Bank has choosen blue.

Tiffany’s trademarked robin’s egg blue is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. People would even refer to the color Tiffany blue.

The red of Ferrari, Christian Louboutin and coca cola is striking and bold and attention seeking.

The orange of Easy Jet is friendly, happy and approachable.




Christian Louboutin

Red soles of Christian Louboutin | MNFL Desgin


UPS-brown | MNFL Design


T-Mobile-magenta | MNFL Design



Deutsche Bank



Red Ferrari | MNFL Design

Coca Cola

Coca Cola red | MNFL Design


Veuve Clicquot

Caterpillar-yellow | MNFL Design
Orange of Veuve Clicquot | MNFL Design


Yellow of Shell | MNFL Design

Easy Jet

The-orange-of-Easy-jet | MNFL Design


Purple-of-Milka | MNFL Design

Dairy Milk

Cadbury purple | MNFL Design


Looking at these companies I guess we all want to own a color this well :-)

Owning or just using a striking color boldly can give you a fantastic brand and strategic brand recognition.

What is your main brand color? And how do you use your it strategically? Are you bold enough to use just one color?

Let me know any question you might have and I would love to hear what your unique color is!

xx Emilia

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