How to use Squarespace Campaigns

Since I have recently implemented Squarespace Campaigns for my first clients and also started using Squarespace Campaigns myself I thought it was time to share a blog post and video about it.

I started using Squarespace Email Marketing myself as I was actually looking for a cheaper alternative to my current Email Marketing Provider and after some searching I decided to give Squarespace Campaigns a proper trial. And I actually just upgraded to a yearly plan. So I am committed ;-)

Now I want to share with you why I like it, why I think it has become a great alternative to other email marketing providers and how you can use Squarespace Campaigns yourself.

Squarespace Campaigns Guide | Emilia Ohrtmann

First I would like to list the pro's of Squarespace Campaigns:

  • It is very easy to implement, style and use - especially when you are just starting out. Other email marketing providers can be quite overwhelming in the beginning but Squarespace Campaigns works in the same way as Squarespace so you don’t really have to learn anything new and it will be quite intuitive for you.

  • It integrates, obviously, very well with your Squarespace website. For examples it pulls your logo and blog posts directly from your website which can come in very handy. Therefore it does save you time.

  • Even though there is no free plan, it still is - in comparison to other providers - not expensive. (it does also offer less options though)
    I think we often have these expensive Email Marketing providers which all offer a great deal of options but we don't use them and actually only need a way to store subscribers email addresses and send out regular emails to our list. For this purpose Squarespace Campaigns is perfect.

  • It is very easy to start an automation, either to welcome new subscribers to your list or to thank your customers when they buy a product from you.

Pricing of Squarespace Campaigns

There are four different plans you can choose from. It mainly depends on the number of emails (overall to all your subscriber) you will send out per month. However you should be aware that you can only send out automated emails, so a welcome email or thank you email when someone signs up to your list or buys a product from your store, when you are on the second plan, the CORE plan. You can check out all the details about pricing here.

How to use Squarespace Campaigns

And now we get to the most important part: how to use Squarespace Campaigns and how to get started.

  • To access Squarespace Campaigns you go to → Marketing → Email Campaigns.

  • Before you can send out emails you need to create an email list and a sender profile.

  • In order to create a mailing list you need to click on Mailing Lists → Add

    There are three options of adding subscribers: You can either add contacts manually, you can import a list that already exists as a cvs file (you might have downloaded this from your previous provider) and you can of course connect this list to a newsletter sign up form on your website.

(Please check the legal requirements for your country when adding subscribers to your list.)

Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann
How to use Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann

If you want to add subscribers to an existing list you can click on that list → manage list and then click import list.

You can also watch a detailed video tutorial here on how to add a new list and create as well as send out your first email or an automation to your email list.



How to write an email

Now you can create your first email campaign or newsletter and sent it out to your list.

  • You just click on -> create and -> blast (this is what Squarespace calls their emails to lists)

How to use Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann
  • You can now choose from on of their beautiful templates or start from scratch. To choose a layout you click on it and click on -> use this layout.

  • You will then be directed to the email itself. On the email tab you can write a subject line, create a senders profile and of course select the email list, this email will go out to. You will also need to add your legal address and you can also schedule your email to go out at a later date.

How to use Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann
  • Now you can write the content for the email. You can just exchange the text and images on the existing templates by clicking on them or you can delete existing elements and add new ones.

  • In order to add new elements you need to hover over the part where you want to add an element and once the plus sign appears you click on it.

  • You can now choose between a few different elements like buttons, images and spacers.

How to use Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann
  • Once you have defined all of that you go to -> Style and if you click on certain parts of the email you will see them appear on the style side and you can style them just like on your Squarespace website.

How to use Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann

When you are finished writing and designing your email you can send a test email to yourself to see what it looks like. You can also check what the email would look like on mobile and then you can either send the email to everyone or schedule it.

How to use Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann


If you want to reuse an existing design you need to go to sent emails and click on the three little dots at the top and say reuse design.

You can also create a design for your newsletter that you like and keep it in your drafts and then just duplicate it, edit the duplicated email and send it out.

Connect sign up forms to your list

You can use the newsletter block anywhere on your website, the promotional pop-ups or cover pages to promote your email list and have people sign up to your email list.

For example you add a newsletter sign up block to a part of you website and ask your website visitors to sign up to your newsletter list. It is even better if you give them something in return, a free checklist, video or something else that they might be interested in.

You can also sign people up to a list when they buy a product or service from your shop.

For all of these you need to connect a list, that you have previously created in Squarespace Campaigns, in the storage area.

How to use Squarespace Campaigns | Emilia Ohrtmann

How to add an automation

If you are on the Core Plan or higher you can use the automation service of Squarespace Campaigns. That means when someone signs up for your email list or someone buys a product or service from your website you can send them an automated email to welcome them to your list, delivery the freebie or thank them for their purchase.

When you click on -> Create you will select Automation. From there you have a few options for either your subscriber activity or your online shop.

Squarespace Campaigns Automation | Emilia Ohrtmann
Squarespace Campaigns Automation | Emilia Ohrtmann

Once you click on one of the options Squarespace has already pre designed an email template for you. You can either use that and just change the text and images or take out the elements you don’t need and add the ones you would like. Again you need to add a subject line, an email list, a legal address and a sender and then you can style the content of the email to your liking.

Once you are finished you can decide when you want to send out the email, immediately after someone signs up to your list or buys a product or a certain number of days after. This is also how you can create automations where a few emails go out a few days apart once someone signs up to your list for example.

Squarespace Campaigns Automation | Emilia Ohrtmann
Squarespace Campaigns Automation | Emilia Ohrtmann

Once finished you can send a test email to yourself to see what it looks like and then you just need to activate the automation and you are done.

You can watch a more detailed video tutorial here:

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