One way Squarespace makes SEO easy for you

Squarespace has recently made it even easier for us to prepare our website and each page for SEO. They have added a specific place where we can add a title and a description Google and other search engines will show when displaying one of our page on their search results.

1. One way Squarespace makes SEO easy for you | Emilia Ohrtmann

A big misconception about Squarespace is that they are not good for SEO.

And to say it right out, that is not true. There are a lot of things Squarespace does in the background that we don’t realize which are supporting you for your SEO.

If you have never designed a website with Wordpress for example and don’t know what else you need to do, you would not know it.

This is like a few other things that they do for us in the background without us even realizing how much time it saves us. That is one of the reasons why we pay a slight premium for our subscription.

Quickly to remind you what SEO is:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting visibility of a website in the unpaid, so called “organic”, “natural” or “free”, search engine results. The higher a website ranks the better is its visibility. When people search for something they mostly don't even go to the second page of Google's search results anymore. So of course everyone wants to be ranked on the first page of Google. Organic search result means, everything that comes up when you type in a search word in Google and does not have the little AD sign in front of it.

The new SEO feature of Squarespace

In this quick tutorial I am showing you how Squarespace has helped us even more to prepare our website for SEO.

When you add a new page in Squarespace and you click on the little gear icon, or wheel, you will see a tab that says SEO. Click on it.

2 One way Squarespace makes SEO easy for you | Emilia Ohrtmann
3 One way Squarespace makes SEO easy for you | Emilia Ohrtmann

Now you can see at the top that Google has already chosen a title and that it will take the default description if this page is shown in Google’s search results.

Below you can see that you can add a title and the description yourself.

Or you can decide that you want to hide this page from Search Engines.

Then click save.

4 One way Squarespace makes SEO easy for you | Emilia Ohrtmann

Behind the title it will automatically add the name of your website so you don’t need to add that.

When adding the title and description for your page, you want to make sure you are using so called keywords. Keywords are the words that describe what your website or this specific page is about. They are the words and phrases searchers type into search engines to find what they are looking for.

However what search engines have also come to realize that people do so called ‘keyword stuffing’ and add only keywords without making a proper sentence out of it.

This is also true for the rest of your website. When it comes to a blog post for example, use your keywords in a natural way, don’t overload your post with those keywords, so that it is obvious what you are doing.

What you should do here is use a title that explains what the page is about and which is helpful for a person searching for something by using one or two keywords, they would use. Plus it needs to grab your searchers attention.

The same is true for the description. You want to write one or two sentences that explain what someone can find on your page and adding your keywords in those sentences. It says that you have 400 characters you can use. However you don’t have to. I often use even less as I myself only read what Google shows up in their first two lines. Try to make these first two lines as informative as possible to catch people’s attention.

In my example I have added a title and description for the page on my website which shows the Mums in biz Podcast. And this is how it shows on Google search engine results.

5 One way Squarespace makes SEO easy for you | Emilia Ohrtmann

You can also watch the whole tutorial here on YouTube:

SEO can not be done quickly and over night by just optimizing your website and you are done. But instead it is a long term process of consistency. However you can set up your website so it is optimized for SEO.

 Here are some more blog posts I have written about SEO that might help you:

 I hope this was helpful and I am happy if you leave your comments and suggestions in the comments below!

x Emilia

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