How to use Summary Blocks for your Squarespace Website

One of the myths about Squarespace is that Squarespace is not good for blogging. That is definitely not true. You can use Squarespace perfectly fine for blogging. I think this misconception is partly because many people don’t know about summary blocks and don’t know how to automatically display recent blog posts or specific categories of blog posts on different pages so they shy away from blogging on their Squarespace website.

To sum it up, Squarespace summary blocks can be used for blog pages and also for product pages to display a predefined selection of blog posts or products in a specific page and place on your website.

 In this blog post I wrote about how to use the summary blocks and what I use them for.

It also includes a video tutorial on how to use them.

How-to-use-Summary-blocks-on-Squarespace | MNFL Design

Summary blocks are powerful content blocks that allow you to present individual items from your blog or product pages in - yes you guessed it - a summarised format.

 There are four main display types of Summary blocks you can choose from:

  • Wall

  • Carousel

  • List or

  • Grid

I love to use summary blocks because of the control that they give you to customise your website. Using the filter, you can change the look of the image, the categories and tags displayed, the metadata displayed, size of the text, how many images are displayed and so much more.

Use of Squarespace summary blocks

The four ways I mainly use summary blocks on my website or client websites are:

- to show my latest blog blog posts on my website in various locations

1 | MNFL Design

- to show specific posts about a specific category at the end of each blog post

2 | MNFL Design

- to have an organized archives page for all my blog posts, structured in my four categories

3 | MNFL Design

- to change the look of the blog page when a template does not allow for showing more than just one long rolling blog post page as the overview page

4 | MNFL Design

- if you have a product based website you can use it to showcase your best selling items.

5 | MNFL Design

How to add Squarespace summary blocks

So, let’s take a look at how you add summary blocks on your Squarespace website.

Click on the teardrop and select the type of summary block (at the bottom of the menu) you want to add. I prefer to use the Grid option for my website. Each summary block can be connected to either your Blog page or your Product Page. Go ahead and select which one you would like to use.  I will use the Blog post for my video.

Once you have selected your Blog page, you will notice that the images and information is automatically pulled into your summary block. Now we can go ahead and format what the summary block will look like by selecting the content and display options.

 Make sure to watch my  video to see how to format each section and get the look you want.

I look forward to seeing how you will use these blocks to redesign your website. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or in the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss my next Squarespace tutorial.

xx Emilia

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