What are the meanings of colors

Understanding the meaning of colors

Understanding the meaning of colors

Color subconsciously influences our emotions, feelings and ultimately our decisions immensely. And as you probably know it is a vital part of branding and any kind of marketing.

If you get the colors for your brand right, they will influence your customers and their feel towards your brand and ultimately their buying decisions in a positive way.

On the flip side if you get them wrong and use a wrong colors for your communication it can also influence your customers negatively.

Subconsciously we probably know which colors are right for our brands but defining them can sometimes be a little difficult. We know when we look at a color if we personally like it or not. But sometimes it is difficult to let go of that personal feeling and decide which color is right for our brand. Or we know a color is not right for our brand but often we can not pin point why.

So today I want to give you a quick introduction into the psychology of colors and then specifically define the feelings, emotions and usages of the main basic colors.