SEO guide for beginners

SEO guide for beginners

So many people wonder why their websites are not ranked very high in Google or are actually not found at all by Google. And I get so many questions about it. Many customers just assume only because they have a website it will automatically be found by Google and other search engines. However it is not enough to just have a website. It is actually a very complex topic and there are experts who only work on search engine ranking for websites.

When I design a website I get these questions asked very often: “Why can I not find my website on Google?” or “Why does my website not rank high in Google?” When people hire a webdesigner they just assume that the whole topic of SEO is also included in the design process. However webdesign and SEO are actually two different things.

With this blog post I am going to try and explain a little bit how Google works, what SEO is and I will touch the topic of getting good search results.

I am really not an expert at all but I have learnt a lot over the past year and would like to share my learnings with you.