The Importance of Branding

The importance of Branding | MNFL Design

A little while ago I was contacted by a fashion marketing student from London who was doing a project on fashion branding. I think she found me through Instagram and send me a message asking if I could answer a few questions for her project. As there was a day when I took a lot of fashion design weekend classes and almost started a degree as a fashion designer besides my day job I found it super interesting to read through the questions and I was very happy to help.

The questionnaire was basically about the importance of branding in the fashion industry and some other things like who my favorite client was so far ;-)). As the answers are actually not only relevant for fashion branding but for general branding as well - and they give a little introduction of how I work and who I am - I thought I would share the questions and answers on the blog today.

I would also love to hear your opinions on the answers. Is there anything you can add?

I have changed the order of the questions a little bit, in the beginning you find general questions on branding and then you will find some questions for me personally - like a little introduction :-)

So here we go:

1. What do you think is the importance of branding in fashion in the modern-day society?

My answer: Consistent branding that really talks to the ideal customer is the way to differentiate a business in a saturated market. Branding is so much more than a pretty logo, it’s the whole experience a customer gets when she/he interacts in any way with a fashion brand or any business actually.

2. Do you think key fashion branding principles have changed over time e.g from the early 20thcentury with the Chanel brand to contemporary brands such as Michael Kors? If so how do you think branding has changed?

My answer: To be honest I actually don’t think the principles have changed. When you look at Coco Chanel she was an expert in branding and she would probably still be successful now. She was also an expert in using herself for her brand or being her own brand. The brand Chanel is still the same which is amazing!
Of course our world has changed, everything has become a lot faster, the way WE communicate and travel and how fast NEWS are communicated and travel.
Social media plays a huge part in this of course. Through social media a lot more small fashion brands can exist and market themselves a lot easier. So in that way branding has changed. However the main principles of branding have stayed the same.

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3. What, in your opinion is the most crucial part of your work process when you’re designing?

My answer: It is crucial that clients know their target customers! And this part is always underestimated. People have great business ideas but they have not researched whether there really is a market for it and who this market actually is.
Who will the brand be talking to?
What are the problems these ideal customers have and how can the brand solve them?
Like that it is so much easier to develop a brand that really talks to their customers in the right way and turns them into loyal followers.

4. If you were to give a new fashion brand a piece of advice about branding themselves what would it be?

My answer: Know your target customer, their problems, needs and desires. Do you research and it will be much easier for you to be successful.



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5. What is your opinion of big brands collaborating? E.g Cath Kidston collaborating with Disney to create the Peter Pan collection.  Do you think this is beneficial or simply a case of brands feeding from the success of others?

My answer: I think it is and should be a win win for everyone. Of course brands will feed from each other. Both brands will attract more and different groups of customers. And for customers it is also a win as they get access to another brand through their favorite brand. I am not only thinking of all the collaborations Disney is doing but also of H&M for example who does a lot of great collaborations to make high end fashion more accessible. Which is fantastic.

6. What in your opinion is the most important feature in branding? Logo, Name etc? Or is it a combination of elements?

My answer: It is a combination of the name, the logo, colors and also the way a brand communicates with their customers. Plus the key to success is consistency! Staying consistent with your brand is crucial to make a lasting impression.

Elements of a brand | MNFL Design

7. In your opinion, how can a brand stay up-to-date in an ever growing and changing society?

My answer: Watch the trends but don’t follow every trend. Pick and choose the ones that will be beneficial to you and your ideal customers. Always stay true to your brand values.

8. What fashion brands are you most attracted to? Are there specific brands you think brand themselves particularly well?

My answer: I love Chanel and their consistent branding. I like minimalism and simplicity and therefore I am also attracted to simple, yet elegant fashion brands like for example Jil Sander and Akris. I also think that some high street retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch and H&M do a fantastic branding/marketing job. Personally my favorite stores change according to the country I live in and I always like to support and shop at local small fashion brands.

9. Do you have a favourite client that you have worked with? If so what made the process so enjoyable?

My answer: Yes, I do. My favorite clients know me and have may be followed me along (for example on social media) for some time before they booked my services. They know my style and how I work.
It is also great when clients really do their homework, ask questions and talk about problems they might be having when preparing to work with me. So by the start of a project they are prepared and know what they want.
Like that I am prepared as well and it makes the whole process and working together a lot smoother and the outcome even better.

When working with a brand or web designer I can only recommend to ask as many questions and for opinions as possible. The designer has done this many times and can usually give great input and new suggestions.

10. Why is working with female entrepreneurs important to you?

My answer: I love working with women and moms who own or want to start their own business. I feel connected to them, I know their specific problems and love to support them building their business. We have the same dream to pursue a career and have children at the same time and to show our children that anything is possible when you work hard and believe in yourself.

11. Could you tell me a little bit about your career in the fashion industry? What did you do? Who did you work for?

My answer: I studied business studies although my heart was always with design. I should have studies fashion design and over the years I took various fashion design and textile courses. I worked for Tchibo in various textile departments as a product manager and buyer in Germany as well as the UK. And together with a friend I started my own little children’s wear brand in America where we designed German inspired children’s wear and accessories.

12. What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My answer: I love that I get to meet so many different people / entrepreneurs with fantastic business and marketing ideas. And I love to see them develop and succeed and to be able to help them a little bit along the way of their success.

What would be your answers? Anything you do differently or would like to add?

I hope this was interesting for you and if you want to learn more about branding and the importance of branding, check out these recent posts:

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