My three top reasons why I love Squarespace

I always rave about Squarespace and tell the world that it is my favorite website design platform.

However I now got the feedback that I don’t make it clear enough why Squarespace is the best website design platform I have used so far.

That is why I decided to make it really simple and write down my top three and the main reasons why I only use Squarespace.

3 reasons why I use Squarespace | MNFL Design | Emilia Ohrtmann
  1. Clean and beautiful templates

The main advantage and difference of Squarespace vs other design platform is actually the beautiful simple and clean design of their templates. Their pre-designs or templates are very user friendly. One of the reasons is that Squarespace uses use a lot of white space which makes a website not only look good but also easy to navigate as it’s easy on the eye. And obviously it is just modern.

Basically it is very difficult to mess up your website if you choose one of their templates and fill it with your own content.

Squarespace currently has 100 different templates and 22 different template families and although they are all different they are still all similar in the sense that they are all stylish.

If you just take a template and put your own content in you will already have a beautiful and user friendly site. And if you take a template and make it look more your own by changing the colors and fonts through site styles it will still always stay clean and good looking - even if you choose very ugly colors and photographs ;-)  

Basically whatever you do, you will always have a modern, beautiful and easy to use website if you choose Squarespace.  

3 reason why I love squarespace | MNFL design

2. Customer Service & Help

The second biggest advantage of Squarespace vs other platforms is their great customer service. They are available 24h via email and have a fantastic chat function. You will always talk to real people who are trained and very friendly.

Most other design platforms do not have one joint support function. Take for example wordpress, as it is an open source design platform and anyone can create a plugin for it, it depends on the plugin developer how available they are for help. It is definitely more complicated than with Squarespace. With them you just need to log into your account and can contact them any time. With most queries they are able to help or find help for you. They also have a ton of free videos and blog posts available and with all of that you are able to design a very good website on your own. Plus there are also a lot of great blog posts and videos and courses available that can help whenever you get stuck or need ideas.

Frankly I have not heard of another platform with so much support easily available.

3 reasons why I love squarespace | MNFL Design

3. It´s all under one roof

The third reason why I love Squarespace so much is that it's all under one roof. The hosting, the domain name (if you want), the template and there are no plugins you need to worry about.

That means you don't have to search around for a suitable plugin when adding a special feature to your website, all the common and most important features like a contact form, a pop up or a cookie banner are all integrated within Squarespace already and can be added easily.

You also don't have to worry about updates, Squarespace does those for you in the background.

If you have designed a website with Wordpress before you know how much headache plugins and keeping them up to date can give you.

 For the above reasons and for the ease of mind you have to pay a monthly premium with Squarespace. But honestly I have never regretted paying a little more for my hosting with Squarespace than I did when I had my Wordpress website for example. And often when you count it all together (costs for hosting, template, plugins etc) you will end up paying just as much or more.

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