Website Design for Women of the New Generation

When Dee Boys approached me to help with an idea for a website/blog she had in her mind I was immediately intrigued. Although I am not her target audience yet, I quickly realized that her concept was highly needed and was super happy to help.

Website Design Women of the New Generation | Emilia Ohrtmann

Dee has been competing in cycling and triathlons pretty much all her life. When she turned 50 and continued competing she wanted to find out more about mature women athletes and what activities they were doing. She was also curious to find health advice. However she was shocked that she could actually not find much information for mature women athletes.Dee knows a lot of active older women conquering amazing things, a whole new generation that are still out there competing, climbing mountains, sailing around the world and competing in World Championship events.  They are the women that motivate and inspire her. For this reason she decided to share their stories herself. With these stories she wants to motivate more women and show that there is no age limit to keep doing what you love to do. And she wanted to create an environment where women can connect with like minded other women and share their tips on health, fitness and wellness.

So she needed a website to share their stories and she needed a Facebook page to create the community.

Dee had the perfect name for her community: Women of the New Generation

And she did not only want a website, she wanted to create a brand for this generation.


I asked Dee a lot of questions, send her my website design questionnaire to find out more of her vision and goals for this brand and website.

And when we looked at websites she liked and why she liked them we realized she wanted to make a bold statement and we agreed on the color yellow as her brand color. Yellow stands for happiness and It is a very uplifting color that brings about confidence and optimism. (read more about colors and their meanings here)

Logo creation

Taking all the information I gathered from her I created a primary logo, a secondary logo as well as a submark for her.

Women of the New Generation - logo | Emilia Ohrtmann
Women of the New Generation - logo | Emilia Ohrtmann
Women of the New Generation - submark | Emilia Ohrtmann

Website Design

Dee choose my homepage design package as this is what she mainly needed as well as a training to teach her how she can add her stories in the future. On the homepage she wanted to share her latest stories of these women as well as one featured story of the month and some health stories.

We did a great photoshoot with Akemi Hoshi to have one big banner image of seven inspiring athletes over 50 in Dubai for her website as well as her Facebook community page.

Then I went on to design her website. I choose to use Squarespace for Dee so it would be very easy for her to update her posts and she would not have to worry about anything else like updates, backups etc. I used the Sonny templates from the Brine family as a starting point in order to be very flexible with the design and we wanted to have big banner images with the parallax scrolling effect.

The latest three stories about amazing female athletes as well as health articles update automatically on the homepage. Dee just has to change the featured story manually.

We love the outcome and Dee is quickly learning how to add new stories and images herself which is great to witness!

Have a look for yourself:

And Dee also got this amazing cycling kit made by one of her sponsors! Lot’s of plans for the future are in the making ;-) Congratulations Dee on your amazing project!

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