Why you should have a blog for your website

We hear it all the time: we should start a blog for our website, blogging is great for SEO, having a blog for our website is essential. In this blog post I want to examine why blogging is so good for a website and not only for SEO.

In what ways you can blog, what to blog about, how often and most importantly how to make it enjoyable.

Why you should have a blog for your website | Emilia Ohrtmann

This introduction sounds a little overwhelming. So let's break this down.

Why blog ?

 First of all why is blogging good for your website?

There are many reasons why people start blogging.

Here are some reasons why you could start to blog for your website and brand.

  1. To improve your SEO

    It is no secret that Google and other search engines love new and fresh content and blogging is an easy way to bring new and relevant content to your website. Many peple start blogging just because of their ranking in search engines.

  2. Educate about your product or service

    Blogging is a great way to write further about your product or service. We can write real stories about our products or services, we can show further, real life images. We can write how we create the products, why we use them. Why other people use them.

    When people have questions about your product or service, you can also direct them to your blog or specific posts.

  3. Educate about your industry

    Tell people more about your industry. For example if you are in the music industry, tell your visitors more background information about your kind of music. Or if you are a real estate agent, write about the different neighborhoods in your city. If you make handmade clothes, you could write about where you buy fabrics and how you find your patterns, where you find inspiration and of course your design process.

  4. Show your products or services in real life.

    By showcasing your products and services you are creating credibility. You are showing how your product helps your customers

  5. You can become more personal and tell your visitors more about yourself

    Your about page is of course also about yourself, but it usually states more facts about your education and your credibility. But your blog is a chance to get personal and connect with your audience. They can really get to know you as a person better and often the audience loves to relate before buying from you. This can also be part of your brand.

    You might know that I am a super believer in making a brand personal and this is a great way.

  6. For Marketing

    Of course a blog is sort of a marketing tool. You can get your name out there, you can collaborate with other bloggers and increase your reach, you can have guest bloggers on your blog and obviously you are creating content that you can use in many different ways.

  7. Selling

    Of course you can also sell through your blog, your own products or as an affiliate.

How to blog

I have been thinking of writing a blog for years and I never started because in a way I didn't know what to write about consistently and most importantly I never thought I was a writer. Little did I know that there are also other ways to blog.

Then I started this blog just to support my business a little bit and I actually wanted to find out if it really helps with SEO (it does by the way) and I realized I really like to blog. I enjoy writing. And although I never thought so, ideas of what to blog about came in all the time.

However you don't actually have to write to blog. You can find other ways to communicate with your audience. You can post images of your products, your industry, your working process, the area you work in.

If we go back to my earlier example, a real estate agent can take images of the areas she works in. Or a women who makes hand make things, can take images of her work process or of her inspiration.

And of course you can also vlog. You can take videos and just talk instead of write. This might sound even more overwhelming. However, may be you are good at it, and without trying you would not find out. But may be it's easier for you than writing.

You could use a Podcast as your blog. And you could even write it up afterwards. In case you don't want to write and you don't want to be in front of the camera, you could just use your voice.

What to blog about

This is something many people worry about. I used to worry about it too. But as usual once I decide on things, I just go and start and figure the rest out later. I can only recommend that. Just start, give it a go. And if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. But give it a try.

The themes what to blog about will come.

A great way to start, especially when your audience is not so big yet, is to sit down with a timer and to give yourself 30 minutes and just write down any ideas that come to your mind.

Afterwards you can structure these ideas into categories and write down a plan.

Later on you will get more ideas by just listening to your audience. People will ask questions and you can answer them through your blog.

How often should you blog

Successful bloggers – or should I say bloggers with a high number of followers - always say you have to be consistent. And so many have grown immensly by blogging consistently every day, or twice a week. Consistency is something I also totally believe in, including my blog. However I feel although that might be true for many, it is probably not true for many.

However there are many ways to market your business and get people into the door. Blogging is just one of them.

Overall, you have to make sure your content it good and it feels right for you. If you only have time to blog every second week, or once a month, then that is better than nothing. Good is often good enough. And better than nothing.


 Before you start a blog you should ask yourself why you are starting and what your goal is with your blog. Are you doing it just because you should? Or do you really want to? Why do you think you should start a blog?

Whatever it is, it doesn't need to be something deep like creating a legacy – that might come with time. But have the why in mind, blog with intention. And then just start.

By finding the right way for you to blog, you will make it enjoyable. And if blogging in whatever way is not for you, then you don't need to do it. Or stop again after a while. You will find another way to be heard and seen and to grow your business.

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