Why I made the switch from Wordpress to Squarespace

Why I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace | MNFL-Design

I came across Squarespace through a potential client actually. She had a website with Squarespace and wanted to stay there. So I did some searching and found some great resources and started to play around with it a little bit and actually realized that I really liked it. I did not get that job but since then I have designed a few other websites on Squarespace for clients and they were all very happy with the end result. So I took this summer break to move my own site from Wordpress to Squarespace and I should have done it sooner! Now I want to outline why.

But before I continue I just want to say that I love Wordpress, it's flexibility and all it's possibilities. Squarespace is not for everyone and you (and your designer) have to determine which platform is right for your needs.

However I have found that for my business and most of my clients Squarespace is the better platform. It might have some limitations but so far I have actually not reached them. The websites my clients are after are perfect for Squarespace.

I want to start with the three main reasons:

1. Squarespace is very user friendly

From what I know Squarespace is the most intuitive and user friendly design software out there. It is definitely easier to use than Wordpress. And this is the main reason I switched for my clients. After I hand over the finished website my clients can easily understand how to use their Squarespace site themselves. It's drag and drop design options make it super easy to change and update. The structure of the backend is very simple to understand. Text, images, pages and blog posts can easily be added and changed without being able “to mess up” the overall look.
I always got the impression that my clients felt a little overwhelmed when I handed over a wordpress website. All the different possibilities and plugins at the backend seemed very confusing and discouraging.
With Squarespace the feedback I get from clients is only positive.
For myself I got so used to Wordpress that I did not really mind, however I have realized now that I am saving so much time with Squarespace as I don't have to fiddle around with plugins and css to create the best look of a page. I can just drag and drop every aspect of my site to make it the right size and look.

2. Maintenance

I can not stress this enough the maintenance of a Squarespace site is super easy! You don't have to do very much at all. You don't have to worry about updates of themes or plugins or backing up your site. With Wordpress, every time I log in I have to update something, back up the site or do some other maintenance work. And I got so many questions from my clients about that. Something wasn't working anymore and I had to find out why. Usually it was because a plugin needed to be updated but I still spend some time to figure it out and test the site. So again it saves me and my clients a lot of time!

3. Easy hosting

With Squarespace you have everything under one roof. You don't need to go and shop around for a good hosting company, buy a domain name and search for an affordable theme and plugin that you like. You have all that within Squarespace and it is very easy to set up. You can even get a 2 week trial to begin with, set up your site and only upgrade to a paid plan if you like it. For the plans you can choose to pay monthly or annually.

For me and my clients this makes it so much easier. Before all my clients had different hosting companies (in different languages even) and first I had to set up Wordpress with them which was easy and straight forward for some but actually quite complicated with others. And friendly support was not always available from the hosting companies. Setting up the email system was something I also got asked to do so many times and often it did not work... Also for my own email system I had so many problems and it didn't work so many times that I actually got quite frustrated.
Squarespace has partnered up with G Suite by Google and it just works all the time and is super easy to connect.
I have to say I should have made the switch much much earlier. Although I love google for my personal email, my Squarespace site was not live for a long time because I was so worried something would not work with my emails and I would loose or not get them. But it was a breeze and for the one question I had, Google was just as helpful and friendly as Squarespace!

In addition to these three main points there are some more reasons why I recommend using Squarespace:

Saving money

Squarespace might seem more expensive when you first look at it and compare your hosting fees with your monthly fees for Squarespace but in the long run you save money as you don't have to pay extra for themes, plugins and also support from web developers for maintenance and changes or in case there are problems!
With Wordpress it just adds up in the long run, things that you can't foresee in the beginning and I feel using Squarespace is a lot more transparent.


Being a designer it is strange that I mention design so late. But to be honest this was not the main reason why I switched or recommend Squarespace to my clients. The above points are my selling points as you can make beautiful website with other platforms as well.
BUT of course I LOVE the design of Squarespace and it's templates! Their designs are so clean, minimal and beautiful and are exactly my taste. And they are also user friendly for your customers!
So if you don't want to do very much yourself and just need a website, you can't do much wrong using Squarespace. Their themes will look good even if you don't change them very much.
And if you have a designer, there are so many nice themes to choose from and so many ways to personalize them, I can assure you, you will have a beautiful and easy to use website!
I love exploring the different templates and I find it hard to choose one as they are all extremely visually pleasing.

Making Changes is easy

As I said above Squarespace is very user friendly and easy to use. And the same applies to changing the look of a template. You can easily change colors and fonts and you can instantly see the change and only save it if you like it.
You can also test a new template and change it to your liking to see if you like it before making the switch from one template to another.

Mobile friendly

All Squarespace templates are mobile friendly and you won't have a problem displaying them nicely on tables or smart phones.

Customer support

On top of all that Squarespace has a fantastic customer support! They are always there to help and they are super friendly.


To sum it all up I use Squarespace because:

  • it's super user friendly

  • easy maintenance

  • hosting etc is all under one roof

  • saving money in the long run

  • I LOVE their design

  • making changes is easy and intuitive

  • all templates mobile friendly

  • great customer support

I am sure I will write more blog posts about Squarespace but in the meantime if you have any questions please comment below or send me an email!

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