Define your Business Essentials in 6 Steps

BUSINESS ESSENTIALS | Mission Statement | Visions Statement | Clarity course | Emilia Ohrtmann

Defining or Redefining Your Business in 6 Steps is the perfect way to increase clarity within your business, have a clear direction, tap into your WHY and really map out the path for your business.


Congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps and started your own business. You’ve told all your friends and family, you bought your website domain, you’ve set up your desk and now…

Now, a growing sense of fear is creeping in...doubt, an overwhelming feeling of what to do next and how to do it has you wondering if you even made the right choice.

I remember that feeling when I started out in my first business. I was so happy and excited to start this new chapter in my life and then, a few weeks into it, I was so desperate to know what I needed to do next or which project to start or what else I needed to learn. I felt like giving up.

What really made a huge difference in my business was when I did a course where we created our Mission statement and everything became clear. It was the first time I really understood what my business was about and where I needed to focus. It gave me clarity and the ability to work with purpose.

It was such and inspiration that I wanted to share this with other business starters. Take your business and make it super focused with these 6 steps that form part of my Business Essential Mini Course.

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If you:

  • Feel overwhelmed with your new business

  • Don’t know where to find your clients

  • Feel unsure about the next step 

  • Need some clarity about where you are going

Then my Business Essential Mini Course is for you! Learn how to:

  • Stand out in a crowd of other small businesses

  • Find your unique voice 

  • Focus on your goals and stay focused

  • Create an interest in your business when talking to people

Business Essentials Online course | Emilia Ohrtmann

“Thank you Emilia for creating the Business Essential Course. I was so stuck with what I needed to do and what I wanted to do. There where so many ideas and questions that I had about my business but then I worked through the 6 steps and WOW! I can't believe it was that simple to figure out exactly what my business is about, for who it is and where it needs to go.

If you have any doubts, fears or worries about your business this course has given me clarity and focus. I am so excited to get to the next level of my business.”

The Business Essential Mini Course is available online and for you to use at your convenience - no need to rush around or login at set times. Take the course when you want and where you want.

This course gives you:

  • 6 Step-by-step worksheets to complete

  • 6 Videos that explain each step so that you know exactly what to do

  • A super focused business mission and vision statement that will take your business to the next level.

And as an added Bonus you get to become a member of the very supportive Mums in Biz Facebook group. This group is for ambitious, dynamic mums who have a business or have a deep desire to start one. In this group you will find like minded woman that will help you, answer questions and support you.

The 6 Steps…

Take YOUR next step and get your Business Essential Mini Course now.

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If you are unsure that this course it the right fit for you or if you have any questions about the course, please contact me at I would love to help you grow your business today.

As my personal motto says: Just do it! Just Start.

Xx Emilia 

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