Mums in Biz Podcast

A podcast to help women start and grow their business

Together with my co host Kyla Neill from Succeeding in Heels,
we have recently launched our new podcast!


Episode 7

How Does She Do It All

Emilia has interviewed Janine Bensouda, a double business owner, a single mom and long distance triathlete on time management and how she manages to find time for everything she wants to achieve.


Episode 6

Finding your Marketing Voice

Kyla has interviewed Alison Teare from Simply Marketing about all things markteing


Episode 5

Branding Essentials 101

Kyla is interviewing Emilia
on all things branding


Episode 4

Interview with Danielle, the founder of the Salad Jar

Emilia has interviewed Danielle, the founder of the Salad Jar in Dubai on how she started, how she has grown and her future plans.


Episode 3

5 Steps How to Start your Business

Episode 2

6 Tips to stay Motivated as a Business Owner


Episode 1

Behind the scenes of our business


Listen to our intro to hear what this podcast is all about!

Mums in Biz Podcast | Intro Episode