Episode 17 - How to go from Worrier to Warrior with Nicky Thomas

Episode Number 17 is here and Kyla is your host today. She has an amazing interview for you all, with the straight talking, no BS, Nicky Thomas, Leadership & Life Coach and the Founder of We Are Kick-Ass Warrior Women Events.

Both in the military and now as the Worrier to Warrior Coach, Nicky has the innate ability to teach women how to cut out all the battle noise, listen to their inner strength and step up into the Warrior.

Kyla interviews Nicky on exactly what we need to do right now to achieve this and how she ignites the inner Warrior for herself and her clients because according to Nicky, “When women put themselves first, the world wins”.

You will love their in depth chat about:

  • How Nicky transitioned from the Australian Army into Coaching and where this mission of supporting women build their confidence truly originated from.

  • How she felt becoming a mum for the first time and how this impacted her career in the Army.

  • Her biggest challenge when becoming a mother and the best advice she gives all new mums.

  • What the transition from the Army into her Business REALLY looked like when she took the leap and how she blended in with her family.

  • Top tips for blending business and babies and the number one thing we as women need to do to succeed.

  • How she supports women and especially mums “worry” less and tap into that inner voice we all have.

  • Nicky walks through the Core 5 Pillars she teaches in her workshops

and so much more…..

Nicky has incredible freebie she is giving everyone who listens to the podcast so you do not want to miss this episode.

Enjoy the listen and please make sure you drop a note and tell all about what you love most about this episode. We love hearing from you and thank you again for all your support.

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Episode 17 - How to go from Worrier to Warrior with Nicky Thomas

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Episode 17 - How to go from Worrier to Warrior with Nicky Thomas

Kyla: Hey guys, Welcome in to episode number 17 of the Mums in Biz podcast. This is Kyla. I am the host today and I have an incredible interview coming up for you right now. So as you all know, I relocated back from Dubai to Australia and I met an incredible woman at the very first networking event that I went to back in Adelaide. And her name was Nicky Thomas and she was running an incredible event called "Kick-ass Warrior Woman".

She basically went through a really amazing program that she does, which is the five core pillars of who warrior women are and how they win. And I went along really without expectation, but wanting to meet other incredible women. And boy did I ever, there was a room of amazing women doing incredible things and obviously I met Nikki, so I was so basically overwhelmed and a grateful that I met this fellow coach and she is a leadership coach and a life coach and obviously creator of the "Kick-ass Warrior Woman" and Nicky and I hit it off straight away and I knew that I had to have her on our Mums in Biz podcast.

Kyla:So today I interview her, all about her journey. Did you know or do you know? She was in the Australian army for a long time and I was just so enthralled and loved hearing about her journey in the Australian army, but also her transition out of it into her own business, her learnings. Also blending that with motherhood. She has three children and I just loved, love speaking with her and I really hope that you have some nuggets of wisdom to take away with you and implement right now to help you build the courage and the confidence to take charge of your life. And go after what you want. Enjoy the interview.

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Kyla:Hey Nicky, thank you so much for being on the Mums in Biz podcast.

Nicky :Yeah, thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here.

Kyla:Oh, I'm so happy. So as I sort of explained in my intro how we met you know, it was quite good and obviously I’m down in Adelaide, you're based over in Perth. It was so good to reconnect and have you on our podcast and sort of chat, cause I was so interested when I was at your event a few months back just about your past really and how you sort of, you know, evolved and how your journey evolved, especially when it came to your career and then moving into business.

So I think maybe let's start off with just sort of sharing, I think a little bit more about your career story and sort of your journey over the last sort of few years of where you come from. I think it really interests people and then where you are today.

Nicky :We met at my event which is something that's evolved over the last, I've been coaching for about five, six years. I actually started out coaching mums. My business was called "Mums can fly fabulous" which was my real passion. Yeah.

When I transitioned from the military into being a mum, I had a really hard time with that transition. And so my initial intention with my coaching journey was to go down that path and help out but I do also think that that market, it wasn't all that suited to my ex-military kind of hurry up, go faster and harder attitude that I had at the time, you know, so I transitioned to being a, jumped around a bit as we do in small business, we tend to pop around a bit, don't we? So I did a bit of health stuff.

Nicky :I was in anemic marketing company for a little while. I jumped across to do some business work and then I landed on leadership because obviously coming from an army background, my leadership skills were pretty refined and that combined with all of my training and I can coaching led me into leadership coaching.

But I tell the story of walking out of a day of training, been training a whole bunch of lawyers on their leadership and how to be better communicators in their work force, things like that. And I remember driving home and going I still feel quite empty. This is not really changing people's lives, but I had this real bee in my bonnet that I never ever wanted to be a life coach. So I was like, I'm not going to be that person. That's just a life coach. Anyway, I did a program and this message of how to go from warrior to warrior has been in me for about six, seven years.

Nicky: And you know, as we sort of went through the process of pulling the information out of me and developing this message, I went, Oh my God, I'm a freaking life coach. Like it hit me really hard that this wasn't just for women in leadership, this was for women in general, you know, so that was about just over 12 months ago, actually. It Its 18 now, I'm just saying 18 months ago now and it's just so amazing and fulfilling and the message is just hitting women everywhere that they're, you know, the women that need to hear it, just attracted to it and getting what I need from it. And yet it's, it's a really great model for them and for me.

Kyla: Wow, that's amazing. And can I like flip back and ask you, what made you first go into the Australian army back then?

Why Nicky went into the Australian army?

Nicky:Oh my God, it's such a funny story. So I basically, I had dated an army guy in my twenties. I had a little bit of an idea about what that was like. And then I was doing martial arts and my instructor had spoken about how he used to train the American military and I was very good in the martial arts space and he would say like: "Oh wow, I think you are going to be my first black belt Nicky." And then I was like, what if I give the the army a go? So I literally joined the army to see if I could make it through basic training.

Kyla: Oh my goodness. Okay. That is hilarious. Why not?

Nicky: I've done a post on it before. People think it was this big, serve your country decision. No. It was let's see if I can do it. And then when I got in there, I just loved it. Absolutely loved it. So yeah, it was one of those that I think, the universe had my back in that space cause I would never have chosen that as a career. I was a very arty kid. Very, did a lot of drama and music and then ends up in the military. You know, it's very different to what I thought I would have done, but I absolutely loved it.

Kyla: And how long were you in the army for? I actually don't even know that.

Nicky: Yeah, that's cool. So I did eight years in a full time army and four years in the part-time army.

Kyla: Right. Okay. Yeah. I've got to say that obviously transition when the babies came along.

How she felt becoming a mum for the first time and how this impacted her career in the Army.

Nicky: Yeah. So when I had my first child, I did what we call part time leave without pay. I'm sure people can would relate to that where I did two and a half days a week and just got paid sort of pro-rate. I think you would call it in the corporate space.

Look, I did that for a while and that's part of the story really about being a mum in business or in the workforce is I felt like I wasn't being very good in my job and I felt like I wasn't being very good as a mum and it would cause a lot of anxiety. Playing half in each of those places. So I ended up leaving when I got pregnant with my second baby and went back to part time and that was great.

That was just, you know, a couple of days a week on a Thursday night or on a weekend if I chose to and a then they sort of gave me a day and a day here and there. It was much more casual arrangement, but it still kept me in some kind of employment so I didn't lose my brain cells.

Kyla:And like the transition from like that into your business? Was it like just automatic?

Nicky: No. So I basically, what happened was at the end of my army career being a girl in the army, you probably get more opportunities to deploy than a lot of the guys because you're in the minority and I always need a female to go and do things. Yeah, you're going to join an exercise and need, you want a deployment so you get to go and do heaps of stuff now.

Right. Sort of towards the end of my career I got deployed and I got to ploy accidentally as the only female on a deployment and it's not meant to happen that way. So I had a lot of interviews with the army psychologist and the people that take down records and things, they were always interviewing me about how I was sort of coping with that.

Nicky: And what I sort of noticed there was that the, I didn't think that the psychology, the psychological support coming back into country after deployment was very effective from a mental health standpoint. I'm very good at ticking sheets, but you know, wasn't that great from a mental health stand point.

And so I, the world savior that I am, decided right, I'm gonna go and study psychology. I'm going to transfer into physiology and I'm going to go and change policies. That was my intention.

Kyla: Oh wow. Okay.

Nicky : I was like let me just save the world because who else is going to do it.

Kyla: Off course one woman at a time.

Nicky : Right, exactly. And I was like, I'm going straight to the top,having no idea what that entailed and how difficult it is to actually change government policy but. So I went, I transferred over to psych core, started studying, you know, my degree, everything was going gangbusters and then I got pregnant, and then it was like that's it and I didn't want to deploy once I had children.

Nicky: So I finished my degree in the part-time military, so I took it over myself basically. From that point when I had my first and my second child I was diagnosed post natal depression. I went to lots of different sites and you know, I was in the field and all of this stuff, but then one day, I don't know, I ran into someone who was a coach and I didn't even know coaching was a thing. And they were the first person that said to me, you have everything you need, Nicky, you can do this. There's nothing wrong with you.

That was a very different message to what I'd been hearing, which was something wrong with you. You need to stop. When somebody come and said actually you have everything you need, you just forgotten how good you are or how capable who you are. I was like give me more of that. And so yeah, I basically found out about coaching. And then I did a four year masters just don't go half in, you know.

Kyla: Amazing. Yeah do the whole thing and then what you transitioned from there into coaching, is that right?

Nicky: Yep.So then I basically when I got pregnant with my third child, I can't stop having babies. I decided no more army. I was really starting to think differently about these points. I was doing my studies and my training. So I decided no more army, I'm going to run and give this business thing a go.

And I laugh when I tell my story about my journey from worrier to warrior. Cause I say every time I sort of get myself sorted, I take on another journey that I feel worried about to learn to get back into that space again. Yeah. So I started up my business, just a small bits and pieces, a little bit of time doing some pro bono coaching, starting to get some paid work and then yeah, it sort of developed it up from there.

Kyla: Yeah, no that, so it's definitely I think how a lot of like natural coaches come to it. They've never heard of it before and then somebody just says something and then it just evolves from there. For sure.

Nicky: I found it just to be a more forward moving modality. I think there's a definite place for psychology and that kind of support. But for me, I wanted people to just really be the best that they could be, which sounds so cliche you know, I didn't want to sit with them for a year on a weekly basis, moving at a slow pace. I really want people to get results, you know, and myself too. Yeah.

Kyla: Yeah. Instead of sort of, I mean that's the same sort of, my thinking about therapy and all that, there's a place for it. But I just don't know if I could sit there and talk about the same thing over and over again and getting nowhere. That's why, I mean like the evolution of coaching and that process is amazing as well.

Nicky: Yeah, Exactly.

Kyla: Yeah. So I'd love to sort of dive in a little bit more in your transition in motherhood because I think we had a bit of a chat about this and how you sort of transition from obviously... Ah, me and then being thrown these babies, well not thrown them, but you know, you've got three babies, right? So that would be like a massive change.

Nicky: It was, it was really, really a really big transition. So basically when I was pregnant with my first child my husband and I were both in the army, so he actually got deployed to Iraq, but our baby was 11 weeks old.

Kyla: Oh wow.

Nicky: And so I ended up sort of, I oh no right. And of course first baby so when the opportunity came up to deploy and he said, what do you recon? I was like, go for it, this is what we train for, you definitely should go, I'll be fine. Not really realizing what I was in for. So yeah, I sort of found myself on my own in Darwin with this new baby because a lot of my friends had been posted out as well. And then, you know, I was put into a beautiful mothers group and I found the community Darwin to be very supportive.

Nicky: But I came from a different culture. When you've been in the military, you speak differently, you think differently, so I felt like I was very isolated and didn't really realize it. But looking back, I had really severe anxiety, but I refused to admit that to anybody because I was tough and could do it all, you know? Yeah. And then my baby got really sick in this sort of tropical weather.

And so that transition from running, I don't know. I was saying the other day when you're in the army and you tell people what to do, they do it because I have to, when you have a baby and you and you put it in the cot to sleep and doesn't sleep, you know, it doesn't do what it's told. So,

Kyla: I'm cracking up laughing.I know exactly. That's why I think it was so funny, like I'm all for routine, right? And I love routines, but when it gets that rigid that there's no shift and there's no flexibility. You have to have some flexibility in everything your life, your business and everything. But for some reason we want to train these babies that have been living inside of us for like nine to 10 months. But we want them on like an eight, eleven, three seven routine type thing.

Nicky: I know and from the first one where I read every book and tried to do it right and was so perfectionist, you know, to the third one where I was like complete hippie, was much easier that way. I was like feed when you want, eat when you want, sleep when you want. But I think that's the journey of motherhood for a lot of people, isn't it? You know, it's a bit of a shock.

Kyla: For sure. No, exactly. I think once you relax into it, obviously the baby relaxes and everything relaxes around you and everything just like flows better.

Nicky: Exactly. It goes a bit easier. Poor little Benny, my first one, I'm like, Oh, I'm sorry.

Kyla: Okay. So three children. Okay. And now sort of starting your business around about 18 months ago, sort of transitioning into that. Challenges you would sort of face?

Challenges Nicky faced during her transition

Nicky: So many. And the challenge allays for me is that I'm a bit of a bullet out of the gates. The challenge always for me is that I want to go fast, you know, I want to do it harder and faster and quicker. And you know, being a mom like that doesn't always isn't always the case. So really having to set very strong boundaries with my business and my family and be very clear on what wasn't OK, that was a big learning curve for me in being a mum in business.

Kyla: Okay. And can you give me some examples there of like your boundaries, like family and work wise and like if they interlink at all?

setting boundaries between work and family

Nicky: Yeah, absolutely. So for example, work wise if I was asked to speak or ask to go to an event, I'd always want to go. I always want to go and then I'd be getting very uptight and very stressed out trying to find a babysitter for the kids or trying to take them with me or whatever it was. And that,you know, energy that that brings that anxiety that brings, just means that everyone was unhappy. My business and my family around happy because of me being the leader there, creating that. And with boundaries for the family I had to get very good, cause to work from home, literally from an office in my house.

Nicky: And so, you know, people think they can just drop in whenever they like or ask questions or can you just do this? Or "Mom, can you just go grab this from school" or "Honey, can you just hang the washing out". And so I had to be really good at saying, no, actually I can't. This is my work space, Can I come into your work space and say to you, can you just go home and hang the washing out? Well, no I can't. So you may not do that to me either. And so I had to get really firm on what was okay and what wasn't whilst mommy was in the office.

Kyla: Okay. So actually doing that and putting it practical. So somebody who's like listening to this today and thinking, Oh my gosh, I just can't say no to anything. I say yes to everything and I'm frazzled and overwhelmed. Business isn't growing or even getting anywhere. What would you say, like how would they build their confidence up? Or how did you to actually have the courage and the confidence just to say, no, I'm sorry, this is not sorry. I should say this is my business time. This is family time or whatever it is.

Nicky: Yeah. Well, firstly, I mean this is gonna sound really connie, but firstly, I would say get a freaking coach.

Kyla: Ah....

Nicky: Yeah, because I had to and I teach this stuff now, but because teaching it is easier than doing it. It's very easy to say you need to set those boundaries of women will say, Oh yes, I've definitely say: "You can't come in".

But that pinch, I tell a story about sitting in my office one day and my husband and my family were getting ready for a house inspection we were having. And so they were all out in the house cleaning, washing, sweeping floors, and I was sitting in my office working and that felt horrible when the boundaries don't feel as good as you want them to feel. And I was like, Oh, I should just get up. Oh I should, I could just go, I could just do half an hour, you know, and it's yourself that you're actually fighting with. It's not them. Cause they were all very respectful of the boundary. But it was me who was like feeling guilty about it, you know?

And so that is I self discipline, it's a self discipline, I say to people, you either choose to feel guilty now or you choose to feel resentful later and the resentment is a lot more damaging.

Kyla: Yeah, for sure. And then it results in not getting what you want, which is thriving business or whatever it is. Yeah.

Nicky: And this is where a lot of the blame comes up too because if I had gotten off my seat and go on and help them, I would have been able to say, well, I couldn't do that thing in my business because I was helping you guys, you know? And it actually was my choice, not their fault. And I think that's a lot of the thing with being a mom and a wife and a business owner is that some, it's harder for us. We feel like we need to do it all

Kyla: Yeah. And be there and do everything at all at once.

Nicky: Exactly. Yeah, that's right.

Kyla: Yeah. Interesting. Okay. So I know that obviously your passion is moms and I love it. I mean it caught me straight away, at your event anyway, going from like worrier, so obviously worrying everyone to a warrior as in, you know, basically your own hero and going out and actually doing it. And you talk, I remember, especially at your event that you talk a lot about that inner voice and trusting in that. And I remember also you're going through like a core five pillar or five pillar core. And I'd love to sort of just go through that like and just briefly now for everyone and maybe I can take something away and really sort of implement something, you know, today.

Core 5 Pillars she teaches in her workshops

Nicky: Yeah, absolutely. So we have what's called the five core pillars of who warrior women are and how they win.

I run that training in my Facebook group for free. I don't put it in any of my paid courses or my personal coaching because it's, I give it to you guys for free cause it's a basic standard to live by. It's a basic set of tools, you know, to know when you're on track or how to stay on track.

So the five core pillars, number one is preparation. And the tag for that is to prepare for battle but aim for peace. And we talked about the four core areas of life, which is health, heart, home and hustle. So your business, your spirituality, your relationships, and your physical health. Yeah. When I say prepare for battle, aim for peace, it's like do everything that you can to be prepared for what life might throw at you, which is challenges and opportunities.

Nicky: So if you're in business, often will be given an opportunity. But we've sort of thought we had all this time or thought "I'll get onto that later". And it's be prepared for the fact that maybe someone's gonna ask you to come and do a speaking gig and maybe someone's gonna ask you join them in a program. Or, someone's going to ask you for some of your product or whatever and try and be as prepared as you can for opportunity.

When it comes your way you want to be able to say yes. . Without having any excuses in the way. And also like I was talking about the battlefield of life, the battlefield of life is going to throw shit at you and you get that. It's how we grow. It's how we learn and it's how we learn to be resilient and adapt.

Nicky: And so taking good care of yourself, making sure that you're at the center of your care circle means that you know, when you are throwing a challenge or a battle that you have to fight, then you are in the best shape that you can be. You know, both spiritually, mentally, physically to go into battle.

The second one is, is the courage to know yourself and to own up to it. So the work that I do here is talk about is everybody has this moment in business where they feel like a fraud. I'm sure all your listeners can relate to it. Like, Oh, what if I'm found out? You know? So to have the courage to know yourself and own who you are unapologetic ally. So you know the story that I tell about this one is, I always thought that my brash down to earth, my swearsy, say-it-like-it- is attitude was a real negative.

Nicky: It's always sort of told to be a bit more polite, be nice to be more professional. When I threw the full me out into the world, that's when people started to really resonate with me because it was authentic to who I was. Yeah. So then being willing to show up. So having the courage to show up as yourself basically, which is much easier than it sounds.

Pillar number three is focus. And this is a big one and this one is to march at your own pace. So it's like to go at your own pace. And as a mom in business, I think this is so important because like I said before, I always wanted to go faster, like as fast as the people that were building these booming businesses. But they had no family, you know, and so I was trying to keep up with them and then I'd beat myself up about not being able to.

Nicky: And so to being able to accept that some days are just non negotiable days with the kids. Like you know what I mean? Some days are slow, some days I'm just going like one foot in front of the other and some days I've got all the energy in the world to go a million miles an hour. I don't have a consistent pace, but go at your own pace.And the story I tell about this is even, you know, it as someone who wants to go a bit faster, sometimes people will say slow down. But I think this is again, tapping into yourself and knowing when you've got the energy to go full on and when you need to stop or slow down because I certainly, I'm an interval runner. I don't go at one pace all the time.

Nicky: So go at your own pace and be able to check in with you on what that is.

Kyla: And huge self-awareness I think in that piece.

Nicky: Absolutely. And being able to give yourself permission to go slower as well. And on that note, it's like go at your own pace, but don't judge anybody else for going at their pace.

I used to do comparison a lot and get quite jealous of people that were doing more come and go like I should be going faster. Or then if someone said, Oh no, you have to slow down. And then I'd be jealous of them and go, Oh my God, I have to go slower. But it's like go at your own pace and celebrate everybody else for their own pace as well.

Nicky: Well, so pillar number four is agility. And this is the permission or to know that you can change your mind, your direction or your desire at any time. I think sometimes we can maybe stay on a path along the than we want to because we said we would sometimes we've been brought up in an environment or a culture where it's just get a normal job, a real job. Just be safe. Make sure that you've got everything sorted and just be happy with what you've got.

It's actually ok to be happy with what you've got and to want more. I say, the ability to change your mind. People that have stayed in jobs for far longer than they wanted to because it was the right thing to do because they spent money and time on an education because, you know, like I did a whole Physc degree.

Nicky: I don't use any of it and I've never been a person that cared about sort of throwing away money, or spending money on something and then changing direction. I was like, yeah, of course. That was great. I loved learning all about that, but it's certainly not something, I don't use it as the qualification now. You know what I mean? So I think sometimes if you've studied for something for years and years and then you're "Oh I should stay in the job because I've done that".

One of the this pillar is to be able to be agile and say, you know what? It doesn't light me out. Get one shot at this life and you know, do what lights you up. And pillar number five is called leadership. And that is about being able to stand alone while still loving your child because you'd be able to relate to this one as well.

Nicky: When you decide to do something different or you decide to show up as who you are and stand in your truth, you can get a little bit of rejection from people around you. I know I've got a lot of confusion and rejection when I started on this personal development journey when I was originally started ro do coaching and you know, friends of mine where like... Why would you even do that? I wouldn't pay $20 for a coaching session because they didn't get it. It wasn't in the value set, which is fine, but what continued to happen is then we feel upset or offended that everybody's not getting it, that everyone doesn't understand that we want to do something different.

Now this pillar is about knowing that you can choose something different and that not everybody has to understand it. To love them where they're at and parents, siblings, friends, people are gonna have opinions on it and that's OK, you don't have to take it on. And my advice in that space is they get to have their own opinion, but they do not get to hold you back.

Kyla: Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. And you will lose people along the way.

Nicky: Absolutely.

Kyla: Gain people who will lift you up or be in your circle, are like minded who want the same thing. So it will be the closest people to you. Usually who have that negative opinion. Maybe you figured something inside them. Maybe you know, they're jealous, you just don't even know, but it's also not, it's not for us to make that opinion and to make that assumption of them anyway and to judge them, like you say.

Nicky: Yeah, exactly. And it's like well you can come along with me or not, but the analogy that I use for this, and it wasn't mine, I heard it somewhere else. Someone has told baby story before. When you're a fruit tree and you're growing and you're growing and new fruit ripens at the top, the fruit on the bottom naturally falls away and the tree doesn't go away. It didn't reject the fruit. It didn't say, yes, get off me the check that things just naturally fall away. And it's the same for us in life. I think we hang on to friendships sometimes for what they used to be, not what they are now. And friendships naturally evolve and naturally fall away. And if you're all someone who's into business and personal development, you're going to evolve in a different way than people who aren't.

Kyla: Oh, I love that. I love that so much. And I know that you do that a lot obviously in your trainings that you do live. And that's where obviously I first heard that when I went to Nikki's training a few months ago. That's amazing.

Okay, so let's flip and ask you a couple of general questions. I'd love to know the best advice that you'd give to any woman trying to blend motherhood, career or business together for the very first time.

Top tips for blending business and babies and the number one thing we as women need to do to succeed

Nicky: My number one piece of advice, and I sort of jumped around this question a lot, people ask me this question a lot… Is to get your boundaries sorted.

So to know what is okay and what is not and to understand the consequences. To understand what a boundary is and what it isn't. Because I think we've been a little bit conditioned to think that when we set a boundary, people will follow them, but they don't and they neither do they have to do, it's not up to them. It's up to us. So definitely to sort out your boundaries, like what's okay with you and what's not, what's families time, what's business time. And of course there's always going to be a little bit of overflow. I find that anyway, but I'm very clear on where my family goes and where my business goes and being able to put myself first when it's business time.

Kyla: Yeah. Okay. Amazing. Alright. And getting a little bit personal, do you have a big goal for like the next year?

Nicky’s big goal

Nicky:I bloody do, I have a big goal, so you know that I do speaking gigs here in Perth every month and I've been traveling around the country doing events and my big goal is to speak in front of a big crowd. So five hundred to a thousand people was my next goal. So I don't know how that's going to manifest, but yes, I'm like, that's where, that’s what I put out to the universe. So if anybodies listening and needs a speaker for a crowd of women who you need to get into their warrior energy....I'm your girl.

Kyla: Yeah. Okay. Amazing business chicks might be calling. And at the moment, do you have anyone that inspires you at all or are you listening to anything on the podcast or reading anything at the moment?

podcasts, books and inspiration

Nicky: Yes. So, Oh gosh, I'm always reading about four books at once. I'm actually reading the Russell Brand book: "Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions" at the moment because I like how he re frames things and so many women inspire me and different women too. Like Denise Duffield Thomas is one that I think is, she's so different to me. She's so chilled and her “Chillpreneur”, her book really is something that I need to hear cause it's not my natural way of being and I'm much more stressed and rigid and faster. So to hear that message is really beneficial to me.

But then also people like Noami Sims and Janine Ellis and things like that and people like that, things like that. Like, God, I hope they never hear that. You know, women who are showing up in a path, what's wrong way.

Nicky: I just think there, so women that are inspiring and I tend to, at the moment I'm trying to listen to more Aussie pod casters because there are so many from the U S and I think we just have a little bit of a different culture here. And I love, I think my tribe, the people, the women that are attracted to me love that I put coaching and personal development into really, you know, simple kick ass basic terms. And so I'm trying to get onto more Aussie podcast as well. So I do listen to Craig Harper a lot.

Kyla: Oh yeah, I've just got it. Yep. .

Nicky: Oh, he's great is’nt he? Just and Aussue bloke, i think there's a big market there as well. So many Aussie blokes that don't go towards personal development because of the, woo woo of it, you know, and just being able to speak out, just speak, think in that down to earth tone. So that always brings me back cause I can a bit American if I'm listening.

Kyla: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. No. Okay. And so a couple of quick round questions to finish up the podcast today. So favorite apps at the moment, either business apps or family apps to keep yourself organized.

favorite app, food and country

Nicky:So my favorite app at the moment is called Slack. And you might've have heard about it. Just like a tasking app. I cause I use it with my VA and then it's like right on time. It's like right now here we go, we just get things done very last minute and very quick.That's probably one that I use the most. Then of course all the social media apps.

Kyla: Yeah. Favourite country or place to travel to?

Nicky : Is Canada. I went on a, I actually deployed with the military to Canada and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't sleep there. So yeah, I always talk about going back to Canada.

Kyla: Canada. Okay, amazing. And we were just talking about food before we pressed record. So number one take out order if you have takeout or

Nicky:Do you know what at the moment? My number one uber eats, is Vietnamese soup. I think you say pho, you know, P, H, O. It's like Vietnamese noodles soup. It's delicious. I'm addicted to it right now.

Kyla:I love that. Okay. And the last one before, obviously you went into the army and now you're an amazing coach. But what did you want to be when you where little?

Nicky It's so say funny. I want it to be either a famous actress or a teacher.

Kyla: Oh amazing. So the influence.

Nicky: Yeah, exactly. And I kinda go live. Kind of creating that for myself now actually.

Kyla: Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Okay. So I also know that you've got a little freebie. It's not a little freebie and amazing freebie for the audience today or for our listeners. So if you want to just let them know what they, where they can get you. I know that you're also on all the social media platforms, so definitely let them know that. And I'll put everything in the show notes.

incredible freebie - 5 day mindset course

Nicky: I can't remember which freebie I said. Did I say the five day free course?

Kyla: Yes, that's it. Yes.

Nicky:Beautiful. Okay. Let me make sure I get the right ones. So the five day free course it goes through every single pillar that I've talked about today. And on every pillar you get either a resource like a I do a webinar, there's a worksheet to go through all that or a little guided meditation, something like that to go through to really get you to understand anybody and more importantly apply each of the five principles into your life. So I run that within my Facebook group, which is called, “We are kick-ass warrior women” and all you have to do is join the group. And you'll see when the next course is running. And if you do join the group from this podcasts, just pop me a hello, say that you're from the podcast and I'll be happy to hook you up with a couple of other free things that I've got.

Kyla: Oh, so cool. Okay. And then you're hanging out mostly. Are you hanging out more on Instagram and then within your group at the moment? Would they be two good places to catch you.

Nicky: Yeah, More on Facebook because I just do a lot more training. You can do a live training and stuff, but I am on Instagram daily, so yeah, come connect with me at sneaky Thomas worrior to warrior.

Kyla: Totally. Yeah, I will. I'll definitely put the links in the show notes, but thank you so much. Thank you for being on today.

Nicky: Yeah, thanks for having me. I love talking.

Kyla: Yeah. Yes so do I, it's the worst, I have to be quiet there for a while because it's so good to hear from you, but it's, it's hard. It's really hard. We did, we did for sure and everyone can connect with you and I'll put everything in the show notes and thank you for being on and I'll speak to you soon.

Nicky: Beautiful. All right, thank you so much. Thank you. Bye bye.

Connect with Emilia and Kyla

Emilia Ohrtmann
Website Designer & Consultant
Website: www.emiliaohrtmann.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/emiliaohrtmann
Facebook: www.facebook.com/emiliaohrtmannco
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCfo4H-IQ91K7WrjbOwn34ig
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Kyla Neill
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Episode 10 - Episode 10 - How Committing To Personal Growth Led us to the RISE Conference by Rachel Hollis

Welcome in everyone, Emilia and Kyla have just returned from their whirlwind adventure in the USA where they attended the RISE Conference with Rachel Hollis in Minnesota and my goodness they had an amazing time. It’s been nearly nine months since they both made the decision with eyes wide open and booked their tickets to go despite all the changes which have happened (i.e. Kyla moving to Australia) and the craziness in their lives. They made the commitment to go and they followed through making it one of the best decisions they have made both for their business and personally so far for 2019.

In this episode of the Mums in Biz Podcast they really wanted to share with you some specific takeaway, key learnings during their trip and the conference as requested by many members of their amazing communities.

Now let’s breakdown exactly what you will expect to hear in this episode.

They uncover how the RISE Conference came about and WHY they decided to go
The vibe of the conference and why they couldn't share every single detail on Social Media (think 3,400 + women all confiding super personal details about their past, present and what they want for their future)
The key Guest Speakers they LOVED and WHY
How committing to your own personal growth will bring you fulfillment
An overview of the Thrive to 5 and how you can start it today to transform your business and life
Why not breaking a commitment you have made to yourself is the key to transformation
The reason why you need to get comfortable with doing things that are uncomfortable
Why HOPE is not a STRATEGY
Kyla gives you a sneak peak of her BIG dreams for the future and how you need to think bigger
The number ONE question we ask you that will shift everything

There was so much more goodness so dive in right now and listen. They love hearing from you so please leave a comment, share this episode with your friends and our wish for you is that you START TODAY.

Enjoy the listen and we will see you next time.

Where you can find the Key Guest Speakers from the RISE Conference by Rachel Hollis

Jen Hatmaker, Author,
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jenhatmaker

Trent Shelton, Ex NFL Player, Motivational Speaker, Teacher
Instagram: www.instagram.com/trentshelton

Mally Roncal, Founder of Mally Beauty
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mallyroncal

Luz Maria Doria, Vice President & Executive Producer Despierta America on Spanish Network
Instagram: www.instagram.com/luzmadoria

Lisa Bilyeu, Co-Founder and President of Impact Theory
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lisabilyeu

Brit Barron “Beans”, Speaker, Writer and Diversity and Inclusion Trainer
Instagram: www.instagram.com/britbarron

Tanita Fadyeyola, Motivational Facilitator & Healing Movement Guide
Instagram: www.instagram.com/movedancelive

Episode 8 - How To Deal With Transition And Self Doubt

Welcome to the Mums in Biz Podcast Episode 8!

In this week’s episode Kyla and Emilia connect from opposite sides of the world. If you have been following us for a while you will know that over the last six weeks Kyla has moved not only her family but also her business “location” to Australia.
This online space gives us an incredible way to do business in 2019, freedom to move and live anywhere in the world, flexibility and amazing opportunities but transition is not always smooth sailing.

Emilia asks Kyla some in-depth and somewhat personal questions around the following:

- How did she move her business, and has this affected her clients
- What challenges has she faced and how she has dealt with them
- The elements of her business she feeling called to focus on for the rest of 2019
- Tips on what to focus on if you are in the middle of a transition not only a physical move but also when pivots or changes are happening within your business.
- Tools to support with self-doubt (yes we all have it!)
- How to support children through the change
And so much more.

It was an open, personal chat and we hope you enjoy the listen.
Thank you so much for listening and we will see you next time.