Episode 13 - How To Network For Business

Welcome in to Episode Number 13!

Kyla and I are back together again talking about networking for your business.

Whether you have a product or service based business at the core of everything they are both are about connecting and adding value to people's lives.

During this episode we dive deep into the following points and answers some of those difficult but common questions.

- What we really should be focusing on when we go to networking
- With the online connections we can have without leaving the house, is it really worth it getting out there and networking in person
- How to find networking events and what to do if you live in a small community
- Some common things that could be holding you back from getting out to networking events
- How to overcome some of these challenges and some quick tips you can implement right now

This episode will surely ignite some inspiration and hopefully support you to get yourself out there and be seen.

Enjoy the listen and please make sure you drop a note and tell me about the points you loved the most and what action you are going to take to move you and your business forward.

See you next time!

Mums in Biz Podcast - How to do Networking for Business

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Kyla: Hey guys, welcome in to episode number 13 of the Mums in Biz podcast. So Emilia and I are together again. We'll sort off. We're virtually together, aren't we really?

Emilia: Ah, yes. Hello from Germany.

Kyla: And I am in Australia. So I was thinking about this. Are we in competition of how far apart we can actually do these podcast recordings?


Kyla: Because now we are literally on the other side of the planet from each other.

Emilia: Exactly. So it's like 11 o'clock at night in Germany and for you... Six am?

Kyla: Nearly 7:00 AM.

Emilia: So we thought this would be a great time to record a podcast episode where I'm half falling asleep and Kyla is only half awake yet. So let's see how this is going to go.

Kyla:Yeah, exactly. And let's see how my voice holds up. Sorry for everybody. It got a little bit of a creaky voice because I have been doing something that we are going to talk about today for the last couple of days. So we're going to talk and dive into the topic of networking for your business and I have been out there and it is paid a toll on my voice in the last couple of days. Nothing. This is a great topic. What do you think of earlier?

Emilia:Yeah, perfect. It's, I mean it's your expertise I would say is how I met you. It's how we met and we both a huge fans and advocates of networking. So this is like the perfect topic for us.

Kyla:Yeah. And I think it came up more so in the last couple of weeks. So as everyone knew, we went to Rachel Hollis's conference a few weeks ago and then I came back and I think I was on a little bit of a conference hangover as such because I was sort of on the high of her. But then I wasn't doing anything. I wasn't getting out there and meeting New People. I was getting a bit frustrated and really wanting to take things back to basics and tap back into how I am connecting with people. And I got offline and I've got in front of people and it really has put a spark in my step that lasted a couple of weeks and that's why this topic was so important. But I know, and Emilia, I know you know that it's, it's difficult for a lot of people to get out there and to get to networking and also like what to say and how to approach them. What do you think it is?

Emilia: Of course. And you know, for me as well, I mean I think for everybody, especially like now you have moved to in, you know, new city or whenever you go to an event where you don't know people, it's difficult. Even if you are like the most outgoing person I guess it's always, it's always takes a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Kyla: I think so because I think it's the whole thing of what to say, what not to say, how to approach. And I think we get so in our head because most of the time we think, okay, well I'm going to these events to get clients or to get customers. And that's the focus. And it completely I think distracts you from then the purpose of actually what networking events are all about. Yeah. And also another thing is I think it's

Emilia: So easy to stay at home networking. A lot of networking events are for free. You don't have to go, nobody's forcing you, nobody's, you know, you don't know whether you will meet anybody exciting or where that mill makes sense. Schedule the meeting, right. So, and it's so easy to stay at home. There's so many, you know, for all us entrepreneurs, there's so many things we can do, we have to do every day. So dragging ourselves out there alone to something new takes a little bit of push then we have to give ourselves.

Kyla: Yeah, for sure. And today on this episode we're going to talk about six areas and hopefully give you six solutions of what to do when it comes to networking events and what to focus on, whether we should be going more offline or online. You can sort of tell where we're sort of having some bias to at the moment. You know, some just practical tips. I think we're going to give everyone today out we Emilia and just our experience of like networking events and how we approach them.

Emilia:Yeah, exactly. And we have, as Kyla said, we've written down those six points and the first point we want to talk about is what we really should focus on when we go to networking events.

What should your focus be when going to a networking event

Kyla:Yeah. This is key I think because you need an intention and we talk about intention a lot within Mums in Biz, within our Facebook group, within our individual businesses. But this is key because you need a clear intention of why you're going and I'm going to put a throw a spanner in the works there.

It shouldn't be about selling.

No. People are going to be like, yeah, it's going to be, I know it's sort of like, oh my gosh, what do you mean? I'm not going there to sell my stuff, but it's really the last thing that you should be doing. It should be making connections. It also should be a platform. I have noticed and like you said, coming back to Australia is getting more confident and more comfortable telling people what I do for a business because I think we can lose that when we're online so much.

Emilia: Yeah, exactly. The typical, the elevator pitch, right to practice the elevator pitch and a little bit with different people, not as a sales pitch, but just as a pitch to say what you're doing. Well, I think it's so, you know, people always think the elevator pitch is like the sales pitch and you need to sell all the time to everybody and anybody and it's really not . Sure you need, I mean, people might not want to buy from you or be interested, but they are still interested in what you do. But us, if you go to the networking event, you never know what's going to be the outcome.

You might be meeting people you know, for something that you had never imagined for a great collaboration or you know, I meet so many people now that I'm thinking, oh, that would be great to interview for our podcast for example. Which is not my initial intention of going in initially was never my intention and why I went to networking events. But now it has become a focus or not a focus, but I think I just meet people and suddenly I think, wow, she would be such a good person to interview.

Kyla: And I think if you take the pressure off yourself that you're not going to sell, because that's not the whole point. It then allows you to be able to practice about talking about what you do and then you're then open to things like you said, like collaboration, partnerships, and just actually maybe making like some new friends, which is why I've been going to networking to create some new sort of circles of friends and you know, entrepreneurs and business owners in the same boat, like our Mums in Biz. The whole point when it was started was to bring people together who were feeling lonely within their businesses and wanted to have that discussion because we're not in the traditional corporate office.

Emilia: Yeah. And also to meet some inspirational people. It's so easy to get a bit like the demotivated when you're alone at home. Even when you have a little office and when you have it at a team, it doesn't matter, but to meet other people who inspire you again, who has maybe you find like you get a new idea from talking to somebody, totally defend who you would normally not talk to.

So no, I mean people will say, oh, why should I go to these networking events? I'm not even interested in the people. I don't need new friends. I don't really need any new clients. I have enough clients that you never, that's not… My point is that I find it to be exciting because I meet people and talk about topics that I would never talk to you about with my friends or you all my business partners, you know? That's what I love. What I love about networking events. I think it inspires me and makes my brain work in different ways in a way.

Kyla: And he said something really interesting there because there was no expectation of like getting clients. You were then going there looking for inspiration and looking just to have genuine conversation, which takes the pressure completely off and then you would have been very natural in how you spoke about what you do. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Emilia: It's not to before. Before the summer holidays now I went to the elevate forum and shortly afterwards I had a speech about personal branding. When I do a workshop, I was hosting a workshop about Personal branding and I talked to somebody who gave me like a completely new take on personal branding, which I had never thought about. And I used for example, a few days later at my workshop. That's, you know, I never expected that. I just got talking to her and I don't even know how we got talking about personal branding in the end. That's what inspires me. I liked networking events

Kyla: And people doing different things and, and I think because sometimes when you're hanging around like for me, when you're hanging around coaches like that's all, you know, a bit like we view hanging around website design. So even yesterday when I was at this networking event, hence my voice, I met this woman who does gardens for your home, but for specifically designed for children. Oh Wow. So like making, yes, I'm making Veggie patches for them that they can queue. Right? So they can grow organic veggies in their garden and to be developed or designed, whether you're living in an apartment or whether you actually living in a house. I mean, so not even within my realm of, you know, knowing any of that, but super fascinating.

Emilia: Maybe you will, you know, you or somebody else will need a garden like that. You never know.

Kyla: Exactly, exactly.

Emilia: Some other way you can collaborate with her. I mean, yeah. Yeah. Very interesting. I have a really good friend who was, you know, we were in the same pot in Germany right now and we, she's also an entrepreneur and we talked a lot about, you know, entrepreneurship of course and everything else. And we also talked about networking and she said it's so vital for her business and it's not that she also likes, she gave me one great example. She said there was a lady who always applied to work for her and she wasn't really getting through basically because she didn’t need anybody. I can't remember the exact reasons or the application wasn't as catchy. I don't know.

But then by coincidence they met at a networking event and my friend was so intrigued by her and she said she was amazing and she was really good person. And then she went back to her office and told everybody about the lady and she said, you know, maybe we can work with her, maybe she can work through us. And then her colleague said, actually she has been applying for a job for a while now at our company and we just never invited one interview. And then my friend will. Wow. How could we have missed her? She's so good. So this is how personal impressions really makes a huge difference.

Kyla:Wow. That's incredible. And it is a bit like her. Same with me. Everything has been built through networking and most of it for like six years, like in person. But I still want to talk about the difference now between online and offline networking because there is benefits to both.

The difference between online and offline networking

Emilia: Yeah, feel free. Yeah, definitely. Definitely.

Kyla: So let's talk about offline. So meeting, going to live events, physically being there, meeting people, shaking people's hands, giving them hugs and that sort of thing. So I think that offline is obviously super important. I think a combination is obviously critical as well, but it is so much easier to build trust with somebody in person. And a lot faster.

Emilia: Exactly. If you meet somebody you looked at, you look at them into their eyes, face to face. Also, people are often, if you send text messages, for example, like you know on Instagram these messages, you don't, you get a person, but when you talk to somebody, people that are automatically probably more authentic and you really get them and you can connect easier. And I don't know, it's the whole body language as well, right?

Emilia: Hmm. Yeah. And there's obviously a great way in person to be able to practice those skills of speaking as we said about what we do, but then also like listening. Yes. Listening to what they, you know, because within them talking maybe about what they do, you know, maybe they're talking about what they're struggling with and I'm not talking about then using that to go and pitch yourself to them. But it will give you ideas for, you know, maybe content that you want to write or you were talking about videos just before we got online here. You know, looking at and you know, sort of about how you can sort of craft what you do. Can you help them? Because that's the thing. At the end of the day, it's all about helping somebody and offering value. When you're at these networking events, what do you think?

Emilia: Yeah, yeah, I totally agree. I agree. And still online is so interesting as well and I think it gives all of us amazing opportunities. It's so, absolutely, it's so quick. It's so international. I mean obviously offline networking is local a lot more at least. So I think that's like an amazing advantage of this online networking. I mean if I talk to my parents now and I tell them who I'm talking to, not only to you now in in Australia, but you know who I'm talking to online and they are like amazed by this development for them it's like, I dunno, it's like so obviously it's difficult to understand properly. Yeah. But it is amazing what is possible I think.

Emilia: No, no, I was just going to say, yeah and back in the day the online for me was like Linkedin as boring as probably most people would find it. Obviously it's got a lot more exciting with Instagram coming on board and snapchat, but that's what it was back then. And I still think it's an incredible platform to network on. But again, you still got to do it in a way that you're not pitching yourself all the time. So I'll definitely encourage that because I get it. Cause I know you do too. But I've got a quite a few like dms, like linkedin is different. But as in which one are you excited to be talking about Instagram now with dms coming in my inbox and people asking us questions, it's the perfect way to like add value and to answer their questions. And that's how you would stop building trust because you can't physically see them. Yeah. Is that how you respond when you get dms into your little inbox? Yeah. Yeah.

Emilia: So just give us values on, and again, it's not only building trust in terms of clients, it's also I speak to other website designers, you know, across somewhere. And I follow obviously a lot of graphic designers and website designers and, and then we get talking and yeah, now my online course was part of a big say, a big like bundle sale. So I had all those other course makers or creators. That was also great. I mean it was really interesting and we started talking and we started advertising for each other and the number of people I met was incredible and was like Nice. And then I met, you know, Sunday I met somebody who was also actually in or living in Germany and not German, but living in Germany. And then somebody else who's also German, which I didn't realize at all from her account. And so there's an it connection and online connection there, although we don't live in the same place, which is also, I don't know why I'm talking to her. I don't know the why, but I'm sure there will be a why at some point.

Emilia: [Inaudible] Yeah, yeah, I remember that. I remember you connecting with so many people were in the u s at the time of and you are connecting in and you had this bundle going and you've got to meet the other entrepreneurs virtually you know, within the program. And Yeah, you've got you, I could see that you were inspired by what they were doing. Yeah, I bet you're like, yeah, in return they would have been inspired by what other people were doing within the bundle as well.

Emilia: Yeah. And just the other day I connected with another website designer and I don't even know how that came about to be honest. I forgot now, but we connected online and she's a wordpress designer. I'm a Squarespace is, I know she's, especially as I'm going to press, I'm specialize on Squarespace. So we said, Oh, if we have clients and we can't help them, we can refer them to each other. You never know.

Emilia: No. And that completely highlights the whole point of when you're going into these networking mens or speaking with people online that there is like zero competition out there because there is very much work that everyone can have a piece of the pie and when you're coming together. And I feel that it's so much more powerful. Like when two of the same people are maybe complimenting. So like maybe complimenting coaches or like new complimenting website designers come together and collaborate or support or refer is so much more powerful than obviously doing it, you know, completely alone in situations.

Emilia: Yeah. I'm thinking about the Hashtag community over competition, my official. Yeah. Yeah. And you love it. Instagram. Yeah. You'll see Instagram, I mean I'm, I know my platform is Instagram and I love Instagram, but it's not only Instagram actually. I mean I'm also on Pinterest and there's all these group votes, for example with other entrepreneurs, which is interesting and sometimes I messaged with them and sometimes not so much on Facebook at the moment. Sometimes Linkedin, linkedin is more you, our platform button is, I mean honestly you could network the whole day. Oh, 100%. Absolutely. Because there are, could be the profession [inaudible]

Emilia: Yeah, networking profession. Yeah. no, but I'm just going to say, because now there are like linkedin Pogue sweetened jump into groups. Obviously you've got your Facebook groups and I didn't even realize that you could interact on Pinterest board. So that's a new one. It is crazy how I'm connected. You can be,

Emilia: It's crazy. And I mean I would personally always recommend to stay on one, you know, to focus on one platform because otherwise it just gets a bit overwhelming and you meet interesting people at anywhere. Let's talk about point number three, which I find interesting and would, you can give a great insight. I think so. How to find networking events and what to do if you live in a small community.

Emilia: Yeah. I was just thinking about this the other day because at the networking events that I have been going to a lot of, I shouldn't say a lot, there's generalization, but maybe like a quarter of the group had come in from an area that wasn't like the city, so they had traveled, so maybe they have driven like half an hour, 45 minutes or an hour or an hour and a half or whatever it is. He had to come and I gave in mind networking event yesterday was 45 minutes away from where I lived, but we don't even, right. This is, we're not in a small community. We're still in the city. It's just because the city's quite expensive. So the distance to travel, but then I was thinking about, okay, well what would you do if you lived in like remote Australia or like an Australian town of like, you know, a thousand or 2000 people because they exist and they're all entrepreneurs there and I'm sure the same in Germany. Like little pockets of smaller communities.

Emilia: Definitely. And I'm just at the moment, I am sitting in a smaller community and kind of before we got on like life here, it kind of asked me if I have been to any networking events and I said no because there's nothing going on here and I'm not in like a big city. And exactly. I've been asking myself that question. How should I be like, cause I would like to go to a networking event but chiller drive four hours to a big city.

Emilia: Yeah. Well that's, see, I mean either the one is that you drive and search for places that are not in your like town or your city. That's obviously a possibility. The other thing is utilizing the boards like a meetup.com. I mean that's how like I posted out in Dubai about does anyone want to come have coffee with me, even if it's only like one person, because I think, you know, hey and do we think that we have to go to these massive networking events with, you know, 10, 20, 5,000 people there. But networking is actually a connection between one person to another. So it can just be meeting up with one person and networking and connecting that way. It's interesting because they've moved the, I've noticed here in Australia they've moved that networking name out of a lot of events and they're replacing it with the word connection Hun.

Emilia: Justing yeah. So the last couple of events I've been to this week have been connection events or connection or coffee connections. I think the other bomb was yesterday because I think the perception of networking, quote unquote is quite overwhelming. I mean for some, and saying connection rings that tone obviously back down. But that's what it's about. So if you are in those small remote towns, like, I don't know, put a note on the light library notice board saying that, you know, you want to meet up a coffee, give them your email address. If you don't want to give them your phone number you know, or you know, just meet up or jump on Facebook. But there are groups everywhere and say, would anyone in my area wanna meet up? Even if it's just one or two people, it's just connecting and it's just getting out of that mindset of all, I'm in a small community and I can't meet anyone.

Emilia: Mm. I love that. I honestly love that. I, I thought the term connection meetings for the first time now and I, it's great. It's great idea. And it actually is so true. And you're so right by saying it's just about meeting one or two people. It doesn't really meet to be a hundred

Emilia: Often you get to talk and you get to find out a lot more when you just meet, you know, a few people. Yeah.

Emilia: Rather than being huge events, events which are like overwhelming and with speakers and you don't have much time to network and then you're used to just starting a conversation and then you have to go back and because the next speaker's starting or whatever. So I think it's a combination of both. So I would say if you live in a remote area once in awhile, go and go to a bigger city, use the opportunity when you're on holiday or whatever it is to attend another networking event.

Emilia: Yeah, for sure. Again, I love that to keep it in the loop and keep on practicing it is, that is the key word I think of like this whole podcast is, it's about practicing, you know, how you come across and you'll really going there, you know, being that full package of what do you want to be, you know, you want to be and you are that successful entrepreneur. Don't worry about what's going on in your heads. But it is an amazing platform to practice, practice, practice, practice, which makes obviously it a lot easier, you know, in the future. And if you do, then run across your ideal clients at one of these networking events or connection mornings, you are so ingrained that you know that you know what you've been talking about and how you present yourself. You've been practicing so much that you know when your ideal client is right in front of you, it will just flow out and you know, they will be captured. Yeah. That as well. Yeah, very true.

Emilia: And you say it's practice, it's also testing. I would say you let and starting out and you have a new product or service, it's testing out the waters. You talk about the product and by the feedback or when you look people in the eyes and you see that they're not getting your products, for example, or your service. And that's also really good. That's really good. Yeah.

Emilia: You know, that's a really good test, a way to test your products and your services. And if they've got a blog, if they've got a blank look on their face, you can that you can then to be like, Ooh, I'm not explaining this a, you know what I mean? It seemed like an in their words, which we've spoken about a lot in the previous episodes, especially on your branding episodes and apps. Everyone's thinking if I can listen for sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Emilia: So what do you think some common things that could be holding you back from getting out to networking

Emilia: And how can you overcome them? I think the number one thing is like fear is that fear. People are unsure about networking events, unsure about who will be there. You know, I remember this one distinct thing when when mom was in business started, and I remember just say ion j because it's, sorry, it's so ingrained in my mind, I still cannot forget it and I always bring it up as an example. We were still having the networking events at the cafe in Dubai that we were having it up because we sort of hit around. It was like the second month or something, so there's about 10 12 people. It was getting up there, this woman who was invited and I thought she was coming like 1000% because she said she messaged me and said she was coming. She messaged a few hours later after the event saying, I drove up and I was at the cafe, but I saw you all sitting at the table and you all knew each other.

Emilia: You own him full conversation and I just, I just couldn't come in and I just couldn't, I couldn't walk in. I just couldn't. It was something like that. I can't remember exactly what I was like, none of us knew each other, none of us. Like we were all strangers at the table. We will all brand new. But what had got in her head, you know, was that overthinking over analyzing and that driven by the fear of, Oh, I'm not going to be welcome or I'm not going to be accepted because all these women know each other. I thought that I had failed in some way because how can she get this feeling when it's such a brand new event? But how would she know? Right. That it was a brand new event because from her perspective,

Emilia: And I mean maybe she, she had been doing an event where she wasn't

Emilia: Welcome. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And maybe she is, she's had that experience before, so definitely, you know, fear gets in the way.

Emilia: And I totally, I can totally relate to her. I have to say because for example, I was, when I lived in Houston, I went to a networking event for German mums and I was a new mom, like really new and my son was crying constantly and I went to, I dragged myself out and I drove about an hour, 45 minutes, an hour with a crying baby. But I thought I need to some other people this, this was not about business, this was about being a mom. And then I met these gym moms and they all did know each other. They are meeting, they were meeting like every week or whatever. I was the new one with a crying baby. I made, nobody made me feel welcome. I made no connections at all. I mean, yes was because my son will always crying and I really, I was trying to feed him so I had to calm him down.

Emilia: But nobody, I didn't feel welcome. I didn't feel supported. Nobody really talked to me. This might be a German thing, I don't know. But you know, I could have taken that experience and just never gone back to any networking events because it wasn't, it's still, I can still see myself at this event. I can still see the living room. It was in somebody's house. It just so ingrained because it was so horrible that I told you to relate to. If that happens to you once, it's really easy to give up and yeah, not trying. And so then when did you try again? Do you remember or did you try again? I mean obviously you try to get me, I tried again right away I didn't, I just set my eyes. I told myself I'm not going to go back to them.

Emilia: I mean I was still in new mom and new and Houston, so I had to go out and meet people. Yeah. That's the beauty of being an expert. I mean we are talking a bit off topic, but that's the beauty about being an expert. You have to go out because otherwise you're not meeting anybody. You know? Nobody's really interested in you. I mean the Americans are super friendly and welcoming, but you, you have to go out and you have to, if you don't want to sit alone all day. And that's the same thing as you are on your mom and it's easy to meet other people with kids and that's what we do when you have slightly older kids. But with a baby, I think mom of a baby and newborn baby alone in the city can be super lonely. I was only in that during that time.

Emilia: And so I had to go out and I also had my business. So I also made myself go out to like business networking events, which was great because it was, you know, I was like in this baby phase where you only talk about diapers and you're like devastated because my son was always crying and screaming and couldn't sleep and whatever. And going out to these other networking events for business and talking about something else that made me feel amazing. I loved it. Yeah. And say it, it pushed you to go out because you had no other choice to be able to get your community up and going as far as the baby side and having some sort of support. They're in a foreign country and a foreign city. You had to go out. And it's the same with networking for your business. If you, if you want potential clients in the future,

Emilia: Even though you know that's obviously not the intention of going there and pitching, but you never know who they're going to refer you to. Like we said earlier, but even just meeting people to feel less lonely. Exactly what you're saying. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean to say, I think most people I meet tell me that they grew that business because of word of mouth recommendations and networking and you know, grew because of that. And everybody, I mean most people I know some group because they had a huge, amazing following on Instagram or whatever, but yet most for most of them it's personal connections and word of mouth, milestone recommendations and essentially networking. So the other thing that I was thinking about also, which is a common thing that holds people back, is a combination of like not being clear about what they do in their business and maybe they are just starting out and testing the waters and being in this niche drama in the head.

Emilia: So niching meaning thinking that they've got to be targeting some sort of markets. And I think this is what holds a lot of people back because they're not clear that just starting out should I even be bothered going to these networking events? And the thing is like at the beginning of your business, or even if you're just thinking about having a business, it's the perfect time to go to a networking event. It got through, not like for it to be perfect because a, it never will be, but this is the perfect time. Like you, you're just saying before to start testing some ideas, practicing talking. You know, in a, in a way of, you know, you already having a business up and running, but it is the number one thing that shouldn't hold you back if you are not completely clear because a lot of the people aren't clear for many, many years in their business about who they're sort of targeting.

Emilia: And it pivots a lot as well during that time because I know for me at the beginning it was focused on a certain, you know, person and that's just developed as well. And I know for you that's been the same j and j to hold us back from going out and actually networking with people. Plus if you haven't even started yet like started doing this yet, it's an easy way to surround yourself with like minded people. People who are further ahead are better than you, who will push you, which I love. I love that. I mean you need to be the least knowledgeable person in the room basically to really drive and yeah. So it's an amazing time. Exactly. And then lending for the down the line and you have started your business, go to events that are where again, where you will find people that are ahead of you. Yeah.

Emilia: Cause that's how you end up and that's how do you meet these, make these great connections.

Emilia: Yeah. And you want to learn off of these people. Like everyone I knew you were going to say that quiet because we always say it like never be the smartest one in the room. Learned from somebody else, which can be quite intimidating. Especially if you're entering a room and you know that, you know, everyone has very successful businesses and bowls. I don't assume. I think don't assume either. We assume a lot with people. But you can, you connect anyway. You'll connect on, on, you know, different levels. So definitely think also, and I was thinking about that girl who didn't come, you know, to the networking event. Like maybe even take a sidekick with you. Maybe even take somebody who has a business as well or is, you know, a friend of yours who's thinking about it and go together. There's no reason why you can't go together. There's no reason why you have to do it by yourself.

Emilia: No, that's actually a really good fine because we've only been talking about doing it by ourselves and I have to say, well, myself, I went in lot alone. I did a lot of that. Yeah. But obviously it's easier to go together. The risk is that you only stick together. You know that you don't make the step that you don't step apart from each other and talk to different people. Yes, yes, yes. The only thing you had to close that people don't dare to talk to you. Oh No. Yes. Yeah, I think so. Like the, like the lady said she didn't want to walk in because people appeared so close. I mean, yeah, if I go with my friend and we stand together in a corner or other way around, if I see two people standing in a corner and talking really closely, I wouldn't approached them as easily as somebody who was alone role was obviously not knowing each other so well.

Speaker 5: Hmm.

Emilia: Yeah, no, that it is. You can't really penetrate the sort of party of two, maybe like party of three or four is a bit easier. But yeah, no, 100% and it is breaking away from that safety net. But if you are unsure at the beginning, we'll take somebody along with you, you know, and like we say, go to these events with intention of giving without some expectation there that you're going to get something in return. Because if you're coming with that mindset of, you know, I'm gonna help people today, I'm going to see what they need and you know, if I can help them, I'm going to s you know, I'm going to give them some, you know, value, some support, answering their questions right there and then because you know, that is how people remember you. It's how people remember you. Yeah,

Emilia: Yeah, yeah. I always ask the question, how can I help you?

Emilia: Yes. Yeah. Perfect question and bad question. Yeah, absolutely. An interesting topic, networking and we could go on and on about it. I know where you and I love talking about, we sort of analyze what we do and how we, how we speak with people and you will stand up for, I still stuff up with what I say. But, but it's a learning curve at the end of the day, you're always go away thinking like, I could've said that better or I could've, but it's learning. You never, it's again, the perfection side needs to step aside and the learning needs to step in. Yeah. And as soon as I want to go back to one question in the beginning was how to find networking events. We were talking a little bit and how to find networking events when you're in a small town, but actually how, what are your best tools?

Emilia: How to find the good networking events, the one that arrived for you. Yeah, this is right up my alley because that's what I've been doing obviously, because to be honest with you, there's not a lot here. Even though I live in a big city, there's not a lot, there's probably maybe like two or three like organizations who create networking events. So when I first got here, I just googled like everything. I was like, you know, women's networking events, just networking events or connection, whatever it was I was putting into Google. And then if the company came up or if it was done by a specific organizer, I would then go and research or have a look at them. Like maybe they're on social media or maybe they're a, you know, maybe they've got a bio about them, you know, below the actual events. So I sort of researched them a little bit and then you really don't know until your rock up.

Emilia: Look, I think also if you rocking up to events that you know, you know, no one is your people never think about that as a loss or you know, a disappointment because it gives you a absolutely neutral playing field to practice. Because if you know that, oh look at, this isn't really not my event, these are not going to be the ideal people I can collaborate with or you know, who can, you know, whatever. It's a learning opportunity again of you know, talking about what you do, how you can help people. So I, I just go and see what they're like and then if they don't work out I just don't go back or I'm like go back in a couple of months to see if things have changed. But to be honest with the, yeah, just research at the moment and I really don't know because obviously I don't know people here, but I have to say up in pretty lucky this week, there's a couple of networking events I've been to. I've been really good and really broad in what people are doing. And again, like we said at the beginning, like have re ignited and sparked some inspiration because that's where you go to networking events to get inspired. So then other people, I've also seen people who post Facebook groups.

Emilia: I see. Yeah. I want to go to a networking event. What can you recommend some and you know the answers, they got lots of answers. Yeah. Which is great. And which then you can just, so basically you can go on Facebook and Google in your local community group. There's for example, and in Dubai there's a German mom's group or there's a British mom's group, but as a group for entrepreneurs and lots of Facebook, oops. And in the search for networking events because everybody announces their networking events that and people give recommendations and so on. So that's another good way. If you don't just go to Google, Google and that Facebook, I know Google has the answer, but yeah, I've been doing Facebook as well as I've joined quite a lot of like local networking groups on Facebook, but that I here in South Australia says what I did also.

Emilia: And then they sometimes have live events also. So now I've been doing a bit of both. Yeah. So it's been good. I mean, and how we have on photography and our events like search through meetup.com search through eventbrite.com those are the two big platforms, global. So they're not just local, they are global platforms that you can search. Yeah. So let's talk about our last point. So what, so kind of tell us what happens after the networking event. What did you do, you know, how do you follow up? Do you follow up at all? Do you, what do you do with the business cards? I mean give us some practical tips. How, how you do it. Yeah. I know that for example, that people have stopped using where they scan all the business calves and then they can make like a little note next to it.

Emilia: Who that post the rules. Oh, I didn't know about that app. No, I should know about these apps. Why don't I know about this app code and we need to probably stay below. Yeah. We need a place to play the podcast called, I don't know to be honest, because I haven't checked it out. I love real business cops, so I collect this. That's why I'm not into, I mean I'm old about online, but there's something about the business card that I love. Sometimes I do take notes on the business card who that was, but yeah, but no, I've heard about this app. Okay. We'll find it and we'll post it below. Yeah. I know that you love business cars. It's probably, that is probably the thing that highlighted where we first met cause you're like, look at everyone's business cards anyway. So yes, I remember. Yes, I remember as I clearly and say, yes you'd collect the business cards and then you would obviously follow up with them. I mean follow up is the key. Just dropping them a text or dropping them an email

Emilia: Saying it was so lovely to meet you. Thank you for the coffee morning. And then inviting them if they want to have coffee one-on-one. Actually saying this on Wednesday when I went to the networking event, she did it really well. So what she did was that the organizer, she handed around a piece of paper which had some questions on it and then she just gave out some numbers and then we would partner with the same number rise. I was number two, I partnered with another number two and then we sat together and we spoke to each other about what we did. Okay. So like what we did while we do it, how we do it. And a little bit about Quirky little fun thing that you know is a bit sooner. But yes, that was very good. Yes. And to make it easier for everybody.

Emilia: Yes. So you don't have to stand up in front of, but then the whole point of that was between us. But I think if we felt that that was a nice little connection there to organize a coffee date outside of the networking event for the two of you. So the whole point was okay when you left the connection morning you would already have a date in your diary that you would meet up with that person to continue the conversation. And then some of them had liked it. We know it. To be honest with you, we all ended up having like majority of us exchanging numbers and meeting up for coffee at different dates or having another sort of get together. But that is a perfect way to obviously, so people don't feel left out like they haven't connected for the morning. You know, they have all out, walked away with something.

Emilia: And then obviously following it up at your responsibility from there. Yeah. And they hold away with one concept. Definitely. Yes. Exactly. So from here what you would do is, again, it's not about pitching, but if you then meet up with that person one on one and talk to them more in depth about obviously what you do, because within the connection mornings it's very time stricken. You, they can then understand a lot more about what you do. And it might, it won't be exam very rarely. It will be them, you know, who are your ideal clients. But think about how many people they know. So on average, we know around about 250 people in our circle. You might not think about it at the moment. And I can't think to be honest with you, at seven 30 in the morning, how many 261 I bought.

Emilia: We, we do, we know that many people, so they might know somebody. So if you build that rapport with them and that trust and that connection, that referral is going to pay back now in the future. Yeah. And that's how I would be working with that. And then you know, there might not be a client next week, but they might be a client in like four months, four months time. You know, this is not the short game. We're not playing the short game here. We're playing the long game or you know, setting up and getting yourself a reputation and a name in the business, sorry, in the business scene within your local community out of how you can help in your, your specialties there.

Emilia: Yeah. Yeah. And another thing is you can also, instead of meeting them in person, you can meet them online again, you know, you met them in person once and then you connect that. This is where I find linkedin really good, for example, you can make, and then you can continue the conversation or you can follow that person along and get to know that person even better online. And then when you need the second time, either plant or biker incidents, you know, the person already much better. You can ask more specific questions, you can take the conversation to a next level basically.

Emilia: Yup. I then connect on those other social platforms, which we did as well. And then support each other from there.

Emilia: Yeah. And once you, when you follow somebody that, you know, in real life, when you follow somebody online that, you know, in real life, it's always even more interesting. I think even more interesting. Even more. You are more likely to read an article, so example on Linkedin from a person, you know, then you don't know. Yeah. I so,

Emilia: Yeah. Yeah. I think so too. Yeah, absolutely. No. So that would be my, my tips to be honest with you. Like really short, really practical. We w you know, I hope that people will get something out of this episode and even I have just repeating it to myself. Yeah. Doing some self coaching at seven 30 in the morning. Actually, while we've been talking, everybody, the sun has come up here. But so for Amelia it's still probably dark cause it's probably me.

Emilia: It's still, it's like now it's Friday. Just now it's right on Friday. So now we on the same day kind of way out on the side.

Emilia: Should I let have a look? I'll just do a forecast. It will be a beautiful day. It's still there. I still find that hilarious. I'm thinking people will start cracking out laughing. Yeah. Toward the end of this episode when we talk really crazy like this. Yeah, I really enjoyed that.

Emilia: Yeah, no, I love this episode as well. And it, you know, it wants me basically he wants me to go out now, now and network and meet people again. Like, yeah.

Emilia: And then we hope that it's done is doing that for our audience as well. We hope ever. We've put us a spring in people who step and they're going to go on and Google and, and get out there.

Emilia: Yeah. And I think we should give like a little challenge now out now. I mean she'll just say, Yep, go plan to go to two networking events within the next month. And it's doable and plan to talk to two people at each event

Emilia: And it's so easy, right, to pick two, two by two, like it's very easy and Yep.

Emilia: And afterwards you go onto the moms and Biz Facebook group and you post that you've done it.

Emilia: I think that will be exciting. Yeah. And tell us what you learned. Tell us everything, who you met and what you learned and we love to hear it all. And, and you can even comment on the apple podcast here. If you're not in a moms and bears, we would love for you to be there, but you can also post and comment, please comment if you enjoyed this episode, we always love, you know, talking about great topics to support you to build your business or start your business is if you're a Newbie, and this is definitely an episode you should be listening to if you are a Newbie entrepreneur.

Emilia: Yeah. Please recommend this episode and every and all the other episodes. It does help a lot. Word of mouth recommendations as we said before, helps a lot and yeah, shared on sorts of social media. And take a screenshot of this episode and share that you've been listening and that you're going to do this challenge of two and two.

Emilia: Yep,

Emilia: Absolutely. Just made up. I know, I love it.

Emilia: Yeah, I'm going to love and Levy is 7:30 AM here and I think I am in need of a coffee.

Emilia: Okay. Enjoy your coffee, Kyla, and have a great day, everybody else. All right. See you later. Thank you. Bye Bye.