Episode 3 - 5 Steps To Start Your Business | Emilia Ohrtmann

We have a juicy episode for you this week. If you are looking to start your own business, re-branding or just need to refine what you are already doing this is for you.

This week Emilia interviews Kyla on five key things to look at to ensure sustainability in your business. It was adapted from a seminar Kyla did at the Global HR Summit in Dubai, November 2018.

Here’s what was discussed:

- Clarity, know why you want to start your business and how to get it.
- Commitment, plan and strategy, money, how much time can you give your business
- Understanding your audience and finding your ‘genius zone”
- How to get seen and make an impact
- How mindset play a HUGE factor in your success as a business owner and what you can do right now to strengthen that.

Some books which were recommended reading and were discussed in the interview where:

The Big Leap – Gay Henricks
Crush It – Gary Vaynderchuk
High Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard

Also, Kyla mentioned a Sales Summit she is currently doing with Tiffany Peterson, please head over to the link here to find out more. salessummitseries.com

Until next time.