Episode 4 - How She Did It - With Danielle From The Salad Jar in Dubai

In this episode Emilia has interviewed Danielle Sallam, the owner and founder of The Salad Jar.

They talked about how Danielle got started, what her biggest struggle was and is, about her future plans, how to start and grow a food business, how The Salad Jar gives back to the community, about her daily routine and how she makes sure she spends time with her kids and looks after herself in her very busy life.

The Salad Jar delivers salads in a jar right to your doorsteps, 6 days a week and you can order just one salad or pre-order for the whole week for your whole office.

This is a great episode and it shows again that all successful entrepreneurs and mums have a super strict schedule, have big dreams and just go for it.

Enjoy listening and let us know your thoughts!


This is where you can find The Salad Jar: