Episode 7 - How She Does It All - with Janine Bensouda, Business Owner, Mom And Triathlete

In this weeks episode Emilia has interviewed Janine Bensouda, a double business owner, single mother, long distance triathlete and just a true power woman.

Janine has been an entrepreneur for 12 years. She is the owner of Bensouda Management Consulting in the UAE, she is also the co-founder of 2Women a movement to inspire women and men alike to become the person they want to be through masterclasses and workshops. Janine is also a single mother and competes in long distance triathlons.

In this episode they talked about Janine's story as a business owner and mother. In particular how to improve time management as a mother and entrepreneur and pursue a hobby. Janine shared her wisdom on how to do everything we truly want to do, how to follow our dreams, how to see the positive in life, how to have the right mindset and how to inspire.

You can connect with Janine here:
Instagram: @janinebensouda