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Episode 10 - Episode 10 - How Committing To Personal Growth Led us to the RISE Conference by Rachel Hollis

Welcome in everyone, Emilia and Kyla have just returned from their whirlwind adventure in the USA where they attended the RISE Conference with Rachel Hollis in Minnesota and my goodness they had an amazing time. It’s been nearly nine months since they both made the decision with eyes wide open and booked their tickets to go despite all the changes which have happened (i.e. Kyla moving to Australia) and the craziness in their lives. They made the commitment to go and they followed through making it one of the best decisions they have made both for their business and personally so far for 2019.

In this episode of the Mums in Biz Podcast they really wanted to share with you some specific takeaway, key learnings during their trip and the conference as requested by many members of their amazing communities.

Now let’s breakdown exactly what you will expect to hear in this episode.

They uncover how the RISE Conference came about and WHY they decided to go
The vibe of the conference and why they couldn't share every single detail on Social Media (think 3,400 + women all confiding super personal details about their past, present and what they want for their future)
The key Guest Speakers they LOVED and WHY
How committing to your own personal growth will bring you fulfillment
An overview of the Thrive to 5 and how you can start it today to transform your business and life
Why not breaking a commitment you have made to yourself is the key to transformation
The reason why you need to get comfortable with doing things that are uncomfortable
Why HOPE is not a STRATEGY
Kyla gives you a sneak peak of her BIG dreams for the future and how you need to think bigger
The number ONE question we ask you that will shift everything

There was so much more goodness so dive in right now and listen. They love hearing from you so please leave a comment, share this episode with your friends and our wish for you is that you START TODAY.

Enjoy the listen and we will see you next time.

Where you can find the Key Guest Speakers from the RISE Conference by Rachel Hollis

Jen Hatmaker, Author,
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jenhatmaker

Trent Shelton, Ex NFL Player, Motivational Speaker, Teacher
Instagram: www.instagram.com/trentshelton

Mally Roncal, Founder of Mally Beauty
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mallyroncal

Luz Maria Doria, Vice President & Executive Producer Despierta America on Spanish Network
Instagram: www.instagram.com/luzmadoria

Lisa Bilyeu, Co-Founder and President of Impact Theory
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lisabilyeu

Brit Barron “Beans”, Speaker, Writer and Diversity and Inclusion Trainer
Instagram: www.instagram.com/britbarron

Tanita Fadyeyola, Motivational Facilitator & Healing Movement Guide
Instagram: www.instagram.com/movedancelive