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Episode 12 - Creating Your Business Essentials in 5 Steps

Creating Your Business Essentials in 5 Steps | Emilia Ohrtmann

In this episode Kyla and Emilia talk about the fun challenge they held in their online Mums in Biz Facebook Group last month. They had such fun jumping on daily “lives” within the group to take them through a five step process to get their members to rethink their business, re-energise and motivate them.

Defining or Redefining Your Business in 5 Days is the perfect way to increase clarity within your business, have a clear direction, tap into your WHY and really map out what the rest of 2019 is going to look like for you.

We tend to get so focused on working “in” our businesses and rarely step back and work on how we want to show up in the world as entrepreneurs. This challenge was perfect to uncover some aspects maybe you haven't thought of before or properly defined.

The steps covered were:

Your Vision Statement
Your Ideal Customer
Your Onliness Statement
The Business Essentials
Your Mission Statement

Grab a pen, your journal and a quiet space and take notes and challenge yourself to get clear on your business.

Enjoy the listen and we will see you next time.

Episode 3 - 5 Steps To Start Your Business | Emilia Ohrtmann

We have a juicy episode for you this week. If you are looking to start your own business, re-branding or just need to refine what you are already doing this is for you.

This week Emilia interviews Kyla on five key things to look at to ensure sustainability in your business. It was adapted from a seminar Kyla did at the Global HR Summit in Dubai, November 2018.

Here’s what was discussed:

- Clarity, know why you want to start your business and how to get it.
- Commitment, plan and strategy, money, how much time can you give your business
- Understanding your audience and finding your ‘genius zone”
- How to get seen and make an impact
- How mindset play a HUGE factor in your success as a business owner and what you can do right now to strengthen that.

Some books which were recommended reading and were discussed in the interview where:

The Big Leap – Gay Henricks
Crush It – Gary Vaynderchuk
High Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard

Also, Kyla mentioned a Sales Summit she is currently doing with Tiffany Peterson, please head over to the link here to find out more.

Until next time.

Episode 1 - Behind the scenes of our business journey

Welcome to the Mums in Biz Podcast.

On today’s podcast Kyla and I interview each other! Even though we have known each over for a little over a year now, there was still so much we didn’t know, especially about our past journeys. We explore what it was like growing a business along with a growing family, the challenges we faced, and how it forced us to be even more focused than ever!

Here’s some of the stuff we discuss in this episode:

1. Our respective career journeys so far and how we got to where we are today
2. Challenges we faced along the way
3. Our greatest achievement in businesses or career so far (you might be surprised at the answers!)
4. What ‘success’ means to us
5. Our morning routines… the little things we do to ensure a positive start to the day 
6. The best advice we’d give to new mamas (or anyone) looking to start a business today

Lastly, we answer some ‘getting to know you’ questions for a bit of fun.

We hope you love this episode. We certainly loved recording it for you and had a lot of laughs doing so. Please feel free to leave a comment and/or connect with us at the below channels.

See the whole transcript below!

Episode 1 -  Behind the scenes of our business

Kyla: I have Emilia here with me and we are going to take you through our journeys of what that looks like for our businesses over the last few years, our challenges and our achievements and some cute little quick fire-round questions that you know, help you get to know us better as hosts. 

Emilia: So let's jump right in. 

Kyla: So these questions have actually come about because they are the most common questions that we get asked on a daily basis by other women in business or the moms in business. Three different channels, so we thought we would address them here on the podcast episode one. 

Emilia: I think first of all, before we ask those questions, we just want to hear a little bit or learn a little bit about you and then me. We would like to learn a little bit about your journey and your career story and how you got to where you are today. 

Kyla’s Career Journey

Kyla: Okay. Well it's quiet. I'm complicated. I won't go too much in it but actually being a business owner maybe, has always been here, but certainly not in the field that I'm in as far as business coaching goes. I really wanted to be a doctor. So I actually first started studying neuroscience straight out of university. I quickly, after  about 18 months or so, I realized it just wasn't for me. You know, sitting in a laboratory, not talking is just definitely not, it's definitely not a career path for me. I explored it with my lecturers and tried to think of different sort of sciences, but really it just really wasn't the right fit.

I have friends in an industry in the hospitality industry and I was like, okay, I think I like this. You get to talk to people, you get to serve people. I was working in a part time role in retail anyway, so I thought, you know, maybe this is it, you know, hotel management. I went off to hotel school and that's what I did for that. 

For the first few years of my career, up until I was around about 26, I worked in hotels and all the way up to director of rooms, looking after a lot of people and customers and I loved that. But what I realized that I loved the most was the people aspect. So really then thinking about where I wanted to take my career to at 26, thinking people wise, you know, human resources.

I dealt with them a lot of people within hotels and I thought, you know, maybe this is the path for me. So that's how I sort of jumped out and first got into recruitment and then into HR. And it's interesting how it all evolves. From there I was introduced to this concept of coaching back in 2013 where no one had ever heard of it. No one had ever heard of it back in 2013, now it's like everyone's a coach. I really thought, okay, I need my qualifications and need to sort of go from there and incorporate that into my business as well.  I did work within corporate up until I had my first son, Henry, who is eight and a half now. I went back in and worked with corporate, you know, for a good sort of 18 months or so after I had him.

I took some time off, but then really felt there was a downturn. We had a bit of a financial crisis then, it was terrible. And there were businesses closing down and it was a horrible time, but there were businesses who were going through change and who needed the support. So I saw the opportunity and thought, why not offer my services as a consultant? 

They might not want to bring somebody on as a permanent employee, but maybe I could go in for you know, three months or six months or however long and and consult for them. So that's how the business consulting, HR consulting started. I then realizing that their management side needed that support within change management and communications,  and then communicating this back to their teams. I brought coaching into that after being qualified and certified in 2013.

I started working with private clients, mainly in career transition. People  who wanted to move into leadership roles. That was my experience so I could support them and then for another two and a half years I have supported people who are wanting to build businesses.

Emilia: Mostly woman, right? 

Kyla: Well, that to be honest,  the women's side, only evolved in the last  two and a half years. Because I did coach men as well. I naturally progressed to dealing with more women. It has been an interesting sort of transition. But I think you have to go with these things. I think you start attracting who you're supposed to be working. So, and that's how it evolved. 

And then 12 months ago I decided to go online. I don't know why I thought maybe this is the new step. I had never been online before. So I thought, okay, well let's do a little bit of a brand. And my husband came up with the name succeeding in heels because I love my heels. 

I sort of did it really as something to put a little bit more spark back into our business. You know, when you've been doing it so long and been doing it one way for so long, you need a little bit of a refresh from time to time. So that's how, in a snapshot, the journey has unfolded. 

And now being online is a whole new kettle of fish and we'll dive into that shortly as well as my challenges there. It's been great and now working with women who want to build their own business.

Now the journey even more so me, moving into some network marketing, partnering with Doterra, which is a whole new personal development journey for me. And maybe in some future episodes I'll get into that, that little journey as well. 

So that's my sort of career in a snapshot. Did you learn something new about me?

Emilia: Yeah, I didn't know you wanted to be a doctor. Very interesting. 

Kyla: Now what about you?

Emilia: Just one more question, because you said you wanted to take your business online, so what exactly do you mean by taking your business online? As a website designer I am always interested, was that just by creating a website? 

Kyla: Yes. 

Emilia: Or what did you start doing on this? 

Kyla: It’s this weird thing again. I wanted to connect with more people. So 12 months ago, I wanted to connect with more people. It must've been the beginning of 2017 so I thought Instagram first. So that's where I went first, Instagram because I wanted to be on more blogs, be interviewed on podcasts and  just talk more and just to do some more events to basically network online.

Emilia: Yeah. So you are not on social media before? 

Kyla: No, no. I was on Facebook. 

Emilia: Kyla kind of came really late to the party. 

Kyla: Yeah, I did a little bit but I didn't communicate and it definitely wasn't a business thing. It was just to connect with my friends and keep in touch with them.  I didn't really post things on there either. So this is like brand new for me. The last, I'd say 16-17 months being online. 

Emilia: So how did you get clients before you weren't social media?

Kyla: Just working work. And real life, real life networking. And this is something I think we're going to explore in some future episodes of how to break through that barrier of being scared to talk to somebody in person. But networking face to face, I'm using Linkedin, like Linkedin was my main form of touching base with people, getting business contacts. Referrals was a huge thing. So being referred from one client to another and that's amazing.

Emilia: So you where on online a little bit.

Kyla: Yeah but not Instagram or Twitter or like Facebook. 

Emilia: And you didn't even have a website. I remember that because when I met you, you didn't have a website and I was kind of shocked.

Kyla: No. And even now, like my website is quite simple. Yes, Emilia re-branded it for me.

Emilia: It's good. It's good to have one now. 

Kyla:Yeah, I have enough. It's simple and because I'm still evolving and it's amazing because people go, Oh, you've been doing it for awhile, but not really.

I think we're all at a startup stage, like all the time in a way, because I think we all have to keep evolving our skills and learn different things. Things change overnight. You know, especially now, like you say with social media and websites, like things are changing within 24 hours. So it's interesting.

Emilia: Yeah. Things that used to work might not work anymore in three months. Right. For the business.

Kyla: No, exactly. So, and the networking side was the reason why I started the moms in business networking group that we have here in Dubai, hence the same name for our podcast. But it was again, to connect with more women in business. 

Yes, the majority of them are moms,  but we do have some non-mothers in there. We're not, we're not exclude, we're not excluding them. 

Emilia: You're allowed to listen to this podcast if you're not. 

Kyla: Yes, yes, I have had messages about that by the way. But the thing is that I was looking for other moms in business who are struggling to meet other people and to connect and to learn from, which was the whole point. And is the whole point of this podcast. That's how we met. 

So why don't you tell me about your journey. If you actually tell me when you started because you've had a few businesses. Tell us from the beginning when you first started.

Emilia’s Career Journey

Emilia: Okay. I actually studied business studies. I don't know if you know that but I studied business studies and it was the complete wrong topic for me. I should have really done something creative. But I listened to other people, which I don't do anymore. I learned the hard way that I don't listen to other people anymore and I should have listened to my gut and studied something creative. 

Anyway, it gave me a good background, I think. Yeah, for business, although to be honest, I have forgotten a lot of the things we learned there. So that was right at the beginning, like out of school, I studied business and then I started working for a big German retailer where I was a buyer for sportswear. I got into the creative side of business, pretty quickly, which was amazing, which I loved.

For that company I moved to London. So I got some international experience which was amazing. And then my now husband, then boyfriend got a job offer in Houston, America. So we moved there together and we got married so I had a visa to move. I wasn't allowed to work in the beginning so I had a lot of free time on my hands, suddenly. I didn't have kids back then. I just was wondering around. I met a really good friend of mine. She is also German and she was living there and she had her own business.

At the same time I took a lot of courses. Sewing courses, courses about Photoshop and Illustrator and all that kind of thing. Anything creative,, everything that I was interested in.

Basically I used the time to learn and then, with my friend, we eventually started our own business together. We designed children's wear, German inspired children's wear and sold it on markets. And later on in shops and online.

Kyla:  Okay. But what's German inspired? What does that mean? 

Emilia: Well first of all, we have those very traditional dresses in Germany, in the southern part of Germany, which are called dirndl. 

Kyla: Interesting. 

Emilia: Exactly and then we have in the northern part, we have more the sailor inspired clothes. So that's how, because my friend was from Bavaria, she was designing and sewing dirndl, so-called. And I was designing the more northern traditional dresses. But we, you know, we also got our fabrics from Germany. There was like stripes, blue and white stripes. We got like really specific fabrics. 

Kyla: Wow. So you were importing deport it? 

Emilia:  Yes, good quality organic cotton. It was actually also like the beginning of, you know, being organic and so on. 

So then we, you know, expanded and experimented more with accessories. And we also did a little bit of kids' jewelry at some point. We experimented a lot.. And by the way, now that you were saying you were not on social media, we were already on social media back then. That was like 2008 2009 and we started it a little bit behind people doing like Facebook posts and groups and not ads yet, but you know, we advertised sort of on Facebook, on our Facebook page.

And then at some point we moved here. My husband was transferred again or got another good job offer here in Dubai. So we moved and I continued that business for Germany. I built a website, a German website.

I started selling those children's clothes in Germany and my friend was continuing in America and in between I had two kids in America. And then when we moved here, a third one, my daughter. 

And yeah, I kind of wanted to stop working and just enjoy being a mom because I've always worked while having my own business, even though I know I was flexible and I wasn't working as much. I wasn't working full time on it, but still my mind was never really a hundred percent kids. It was always both. So I wanted to experience that and just have kids and nothing else. So I sold that business to my partner and now she's doing that alone. And then I started another business here with another German mum and we imported Portuguese kids, children shoes to Dubai and classic leather children's shoes.

And the thing was, I said earlier that I didn't really want to work anymore, but the idea was so good and I met this mom and she kind of persuaded me to do it with her because I thought we had this brilliant idea because back then in Dubai I think we couldn't find many great children's shoes. So I did that for awhile until I decided I really wanted to spend time with my kids. 

And after about, I don't know, I think it was about two years when my daughter was two, I decided I want to get back into business and start my own business again. I wanted to do something on my own and I wanted to do something where I was totally flexible with my hours, so I didn't have to go anywhere. I just wanted to sit by my desk and stay at home.

Also the traffic here, Dubai is crazy. So I really wanted to do something at home and something that I could work on at night as well when my kids are sleeping, like being totally flexible. So I thought to myself, and this is really how I did it. I sat down with my husband and I said, what am I good at? What do I like, so what can I do now? And I said, I really like the whole startup process of starting a small business and creating a brand and creating the website and creating the online appearance. So I decided why not? I can do this. I've done this twice, you know, I can do it again for other people and help other people start their business. So I learned how to design websites and that's how it all started and that's how I have my business now.

In the beginning, I had my fourth child and so it was all slow. It was slow evolving. But about two years ago, I really, really took it seriously and started MNFL-design properly. 

Kyla: Okay. 

Emilia: And then I got to know, some of you might know this, I'm all in all into Squarespace. I love Squarespace, which is like a website design platform. Basically. I used to design all my websites on Wordpress and then I found Squarespace and I found it so much easier to handle. And especially when I designed a website and then I handed it over to a client, they all, I always have like small business owners, so they all want to update their website themselves and they found Wordpress a bit overwhelming, which I totally understand. So I found Squarespace a lot easier to explain to my clients and so that they can update it themselves later on.

Yeah. So that's where I am now. And I have also created an online course about Squarespace. So in case people cannot afford to hire me or somebody else as a designer, they can take that course and design their website themselves. Because online courses are great, like a great tool that helped me so much with build this business, especially this one, because online courses have evolved, so much, podcasts have evolved. So both podcasts and business online courses has helped me so much that I wanted to do the same basic thing. 

Kyla: Yeah. It seems, just talking about that, I was thinking about my story. Everything's like niched down. It was like all broad. Similar to you, you were being creative in one way or another  but then niche down and now creative but focused on Squarespace only. 

Yeah. And then the same with me, niche down and focus only on women who want to build businesses and I'm here in Dubai. It's interesting, isn't it? How everything sort of, but not forced to or not for us. And I think that's also a good beginning. 

Emilia: Basically, if you listen to your customers and listen to the needs out there, your business will develop accordingly. 

You listen to them, you give them what they want and then the business develops. 

Kyla: Absolutely.   

Emilia: And that's how I started designing on Squarespace or I started this online course. 

Kyla: It's just that listening side. But so many challenges that come along with sort of building the business over the years, especially being a mum. 

Emilia: Yes, I think so. What was, what some of your challenges, was it always easy?

Challenges we faced along the way

Kyla: Yessss...smoothing sailing all the way

Emilia: I don't think.

Kyla: The thing is so I started my business when I had arrived here in Dubai. I've been in corporate here in Dubai, and then after Henry, who was born here,  I started. I'd done a little bit of freelancing in Australia before with a training company, but I've never sort of focused on building the business. Firstly I think it was getting out of the mindset of being a freelancer. I know we use this term a lot, but sometimes I think it's a little bit of a loose term that doesn't give accountability or hold responsibility for you to actually own your business and be a business owner. 

I think there's a definite different mindset shift there. I have noticed with people who I've worked with, you know, say I'm just a freelancer, I'm just a freelancer and, and they might not take themselves seriously or trust themselves or invest in themselves.

Like you said, you invest in a lot of online courses. I've found that people are just like, Oh, but I'm just a freelancer. So I think a mindset shift. It definitely was the challenge of me getting out of that: “Oh, I'm just a consultant, I'm just consulting” or  “Coaching part time” into “No, this is a business that I need to run”. We need to work out how much revenue we're bringing in and how much costs are going, what is worth my time and so forth, which we can get into episodes later and definitely draw out other people's experiences. 

Emilia: And that's good to know that that was one of your struggles as well. I think we just try to talk about it.

Kyla: Yeah. Probably don't talk about it. 

Emilia: Yeah. We just try and talk about it. 

Kyla: So, and the other thing is really getting clients and how to find your first clients when you're starting. Or your customers , if you're product based. I do think that networking is a huge part of that. Getting out of your comfort zone, going and meeting strangers. It doesn't mean throwing your services and products at them straight away, but actually creating connection, creating and fostering those relationships then you can tap into them again and again.

When they need something or they need support  you want to be the one at the top of their minds.

Emilia: So, so you've struggled with that in the beginning as well?

Kyla: Yes, not  with getting out there, cause I'm very good at networking, but how to talk about what I do without being salesy.

And that's a skill in itself because we are all in it, we're all in sales. We as business owners, we're all in sales because if you're not selling, you don't have a business at the end of the day, no one's buying anything from you. Then your doing it as a hobby. 

I think you've spoken about that before.

Emilia: I think there's a difference between a hobby and a business. The one of them is actually making money, but that's also maybe something for another episode. 

Did you ever have challenges being a mom? 

Kyla: Absolutely. Yeah. And having business. Because it's that juggle of when they're sick, what do you do? So my husband and I had an honest conversations once we had Henry,  - What would it look like?

If I'm stuck in a meeting or if I'm on a call then, and if Henry’s sick from nursery, I mean now he's older so its McKenzie. If she's sick from nursery, can you help me? Can you pick him up? So you have to have, I think those unsexy quote/ unquote conversations like right up front. Because if both of you are not on the same page, you know something's going to give and it usually will be your side. You've got to always say that you're going to take it seriously, that you are serious about it.

Emilia: Yeah. Because usually it's the husband being employed by somebody, so they can't just drop out of a meeting, but because you're self employed and you’re the mom, they don't think.  They think it's more flexible.

Kyla: Exactly. 

Emilia: So that's a really good point I think. I think that's a point we all struggle with having those conversations and who's actually responsible and what happens when a child is sick. 

Kyla: Yeah, absolutely. So because at the end of the day, if your giving up a meeting or your cutting a client off on a call that's going to in turn affect your business at the end of the day. So there's got to be some sort of process there the children in that. So yeah, definitely a struggle. And especially when they're young because they get sick so much. 

Yeah. It's, it's definitely a struggle with that. And having that support at home is the main thing.

Emilia:Yeah. Because now it's easy, my son is actually sick right now. We are sitting upstairs recording this episode and my son is downstairs reading his books and he's sick but he's older. He's nine. So that's a lot easier. Right?

Kyla: Yeah. When they get a bit older and they can, they can look after themselves a bit better. 

They can't, when they're McKinsey's age and she's two and a half like Levenia, like then they can't look after. 

Kyla: So what about you and your struggles and your challenges that you've had over the years?

Emilia:I think it's similar. I mean all of the ones that you said really. I think one thing that I struggled with was being taken seriously. That you know that it's actually a business that you're doing and not a hobby. That's why I think this is a topic from my heart as well. I think it was also my own mindset maybe because I didn't really tell people about this business. I thought I wasn't confident enough, I think to just really state that this is a proper business. 

Even if it's a start up and even if I'm not earning a lot of money yet, but I will be. So I think that was a big struggle. And the struggle of working from home supposedly being so flexible to do everything. But actually you're not because if you don't use those five hours in the mornings, if I didn't use those five hours in the morning, I couldn't work anymore.

I think that was like really setting boundaries and saying I'm not going to coffee mornings anymore. I might not be able to help at school because I'm actually working. And it's not only those full-time working moms. I'm a part time working mom as well. I'm not a stay at home mom. I'm actually working. I think that that, those were like, was a big struggle for me.

I really set boundaries and really like struggle to stick to my hours in the morning and to be really super strict about it and make everybody know about that as well. I think now everybody knows, but that was an internal struggle and an external struggle that I would say. 

Let's hear about your biggest achievement. What do you think was your biggest achievement going away from struggles. Lets move to more positive things.

Our greatest achievement in businesses or career so far

Kyla: I think just getting out there and just doing it. I think at the end of the day proving to myself that I can earn money myself without being reliant on it an employer. I think that's the biggest, biggest thing. 

Emilia: So biggest achievement was actually the same. 

Kyla: And also I think this year getting out there more. I've done podcasts interviews this year, which I didn't, well I had that on my vision board of course.

Emilia: Yes, Kyla has a super big vision board, by the way. 

Kyla:  I didn't think that, I mean a couple of years ago I wouldn't have thought, Oh yes, I'm going to be on podcasts in 2018. You just don't think about that. I was super proud that I put myself out there and they don't have to be big, they've just got to be like small wins that you have for yourself. I just had those small wins for myself that I was happy that I did it and put myself out there and had that in my mind, in the forefront of my mind to do. That's probably the biggest thing. 

And  this moms in Biz group has been amazing and connecting in with all of those women building businesses and that and now launching this podcast.

Emilia: Yeah, I think that's a great achievement as well. 

Kyla: What about you? 

Emilia: You know, everything that you said again, but also I think one big achievement was that I realized I could increase my prices so I, you know, got good enough and I had enough clients or was kind of booked out that I could actually increase prices, which I think was a good achievement. And then at the beginning of last year, when I started doing more speaking engagements. 

The first one was at your event, which was great. I think that was a huge achievement for me because I hadn't done that. I had done that in my corporate job but it was different than speaking. That's years ago and then I had kids and so much happened in between and then I did it again and I remember that I can actually do it.

That was a really big achievement, which came at the same time that I was doing more Youtube videos. I have my youtube channel now, which actually I can just forgot about that. But that's actually a really big achievement because about 12 or let's say 14 months ago, I would never have thought that I would ever have a video on youtube. And now I have it. So that's a great achievement.

Looking back it wasn't that difficult and it wasn't that it didn't take that long. I don't know if you agree, it's all in  your head and own and our mind.

Kyla: Yeah, absolutely. So interesting. So I mean as a mum, I mean we all have these struggles and these massive achievements and I think the biggest thing of all, and I think the biggest question, I don't know, I know that you get, because you've had dms about it, but you know is how to do both. 

How to be a mom and then if you've got this passion or this idea, or even if you don't and you just think, I want to work for myself, like how do I do it? 

The biggest tips that you've got for somebody who's got an idea or even hasn't got an idea, but they want to explore working for themselves.

The best advice we’d give to new mamas (or anyone) looking to start a business today

Emilia:I think my biggest tip is always, first of all, to really work the hours that you have. I think distractions are huge. There's always a dishwasher that can be emptied or some shopping or a birthday present that you need to buy or some organization work. I mean, I always need to argue, I'm like, I feel like a PA for my kids, so you know, I'm, there's always something else I could do. 

But what I would recommend is that you stick to those hours even if it's just two hours, but you do find some hours that you have during your day to work and then you just stick to those hours and work and do nothing else and block out those distractions. Also social media, blockouts social media. So I've become quite good at that. I wasn't in the beginning, it took me years. I mean, because I had to do that with all my businesses.

So that's one tip. And another tip is to simplify, to define, there's so many things we all want to do. There's always a million things on our to-do list that we all want to do. There are the million ideas we have in our head. How are we want to develop our business, what we want to achieve and how we can achieve it and what else we could do. And I think one thing I learned is that really simplify and decide on one or two things that you want to focus on and just focus on them for now. 

And then for maybe a few months or it depends how much time you have, but you know, just stick to those two things. That could be one year, stay  focused on one thing for one year and then the next thing the next year. Because to do one thing really well instead of doing a lot of things just to mediocre. 

Kyla:Yeah. Half, half. Exactly. 

Emilia: So what would you be your tip?

Kyla:I think the first tip that you had with focusing on hours is definitely key. I think also having that transition into another area of your house and creating a zone where it is like a work zone. 

Emilia: That's not working from your dining room table. Yeah. I think that really shifts it, because I have a small office. 

Kyla: Yeah. Like even a desk, one little area. Even if it's in the corner of your bedroom that that is your desk, that is your workspace. So at nine o'clock or whatever, you go and sit at that desk and you that that's the time that you sit there and do work. Cause I think if you're in the kitchen or if you're in on sitting on your lounge, you know you do have those distractions of getting up and doing stuff rather than focusing. 

And I and also getting dressed for the day. Not  sitting in yoga pants.Also getting dressed and putting some makeup on to make yourself feel good as well, And you feel like you're going to a job. Because I used to work at night.

Emilia:Exactly. I used to just work in my workout clothes, but then I changed that. I actually said, okay,that was also a little bit because of the videos, but I actually said  to myself. I want to like dress up or at least like look nicer so I feel better. Feel better. 

Kyla: Yeah, that's true. And also I found that having themes in each day for each day, email one day where you get back to everybody. Then the next day could be for networking days and you're connecting in whether that's online or whether it's in person, like theming out some of your days or even within your day, an hour to do certain thing or an hour to do something.

Emilia: Just makes it a lot more sort of scheduled. And sort of more productive than just sitting at your desk and looking at your calendar and then thinking, Oh let's scroll through Facebook for five hours and then it's time to pick up the kids.

And what would you recommend specifically for moms who have babies or small kids at home? We're not at no three yet because when I met you, McKenzie was not at nursery yet. She was at home or she started in nursery or maybe she was only for two days of nursery or something. 

Kyla: Yeah, that's when I work. 

Emilia: You don't have a nanny at home. So I thought that would be really interesting. Yeah. How did you do that? \

Kyla: My husband was off, cause the work week we have here  in Dubai is different. So we work a Sunday to Thursday rather than a western Monday to Friday. My husband still worked a western Monday to Friday, so he had Sundays off and then McKinsey was in nursery three days a week. So really it was sort of four days that I could get stuff done.

Which was great. But I mean, when she was younger than that and I was still trying to get back into it because I was making connections, I would do it when she was sleeping, like within the two hours that she was napping in the day. And then Jeff would have the Sunday off. So I'll do more stuff then as I was getting back into it. 

So the recommendation is when you're doing it, when they're sleeping, right. 

Emilia: I think when you put them to bed, then you can go into your little workspace and then if you can at least get one hour of something done, it's something. So make it productive, like one hour of make it.

Kyla: I think income generating. I always think about income generating activities versus fluffy activities. So do stuff that's gonna bring in income. That would be connecting with people, emailing people back, calling people, you know, sending people information. It just depends on whether you've got a product or service, but just think, is this going to bring me in income or is this just fluffy, fluffy. 

Emilia: I think we want to hear something  more personal about your morning routine.

Kyla:  What is it? We love about morning routines? We've spoken about this a lot as well, is how you start your days, obviously how you're going to finish your day. And to be honest with you, look, there are times that it's not gone perfectly.

You and I both did the Rachel Hollis challenge at the end of last year. Some days,

Emilia: I didn't do it. It was a bit too much for me to be honest. I am a really focused and structured personally. 

Kyla: it was a five to thrive that Rachel Hollis stars, which is doing five things every single day. So it was drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water, exercising for at least 30 minutes, journaling 10 things you're grateful for every day. Getting up 1 houre earlier and eliminating something from your diet that is harmful. I did dairy, so I was on almond milk lattes for a lot of the time.  If I missed a day, it was about getting back on track. 

So I'm in the mornings, I usually like to get up earlier than my kids if I can and you know, write down, just do a little bit of journaling in the morning. I'm usually, it's then getting ready cause obviously like we just said before, it's best to get ready for the day because you feel better when you've had a shower and done your hair and makeup. Then, straight into work. 

My husband does the drop offs so I then can get straight into it in the morning. I find I'm more productive in the morning. I'm not so good in the afternoon. I get straight into it in the mornings. I actually even preferred to exercise in the afternoons or evenings rather than mornings because I'm just more focused at doing stuff.

Emilia: I'm exactly the same. I shifted that. I used to exercise a lot in the morning, but then I lost my most important hours I would say. I get back. It's 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock. 

Kyla: Exactly. So what about you?

Emilia: Yeah, I started, um, when was it? About six months ago or something or little bit less before the summery days. I started getting up earlier and doing more yoga in the morning. So I do that. I get up, not an hour but half an hour earlier. And then I usually would do yoga and meditate. Which is great to really get me started and I have four kids so it's a bit crazy in our house. I would say that to really stay calm in all this craziness.

Meditation and yoga practice has really helped me a lot. So that has become part of my morning routine and I get ready and I wake up the kids and we have breakfast or they have breakfast and I make their lunches, drop them off at school, at nursery, and I start my day. 

I usually try and do the most important things in the beginning. It doesn't always work because then you have emails and yeah, I do maybe half an hour emails and half an hour social media and then I do the most important things first. So that's my morning routine. 

Questions to Get to know us better

Kyla: Okay. Sounds good. Okay, a couple of quick fire round questions, some fun to get to know us just a little bit more if you haven't gotten to know us within the segment and then we'll sign off. 

So let me ask you, favorite country to travel to?

Emilia:It's, I think it's gotta be South Africa. I've been there once. It was amazing. And I'm going back this year in March actually.It's going to be interesting whether I still find it so amazing. 

Kyla: Okay. Yeah. I like anywhere in Europe to be honest. 

Emilia: Yeah. Well for you though, of course, because it's southern and so far away from Australia.

So what about you? What is your number one takeout order?

Kyla: Sushi. 

Emilia: Really? 

Kyla: Yep. 

Emilia: Okay. How often do you order Sushi? 

Kyla: Not very often. I'm quite, I'm not a big, we're not a big takeout family. But if it were, it'd be Sushi. So something healthy. 

What about you? 

Emilia:I think salad. Salad. My favorite food is salad. I would eat salad for lunch because it's easy.

It's another thing. It's to simplify things. It's busy. I don't get up and cook. I order my salad at arrives. I can eat it while I'm working or once the kids are home.

So what did you want to be when you were little?

Kyla: Ballerina. 

Emilia: Oh, okay. Because you did ballet classes?

Kyla: I wanted to be a ballerina because I did ballet for 13 years. I also swam competitively, but it was ballet that I wanted to do. But look, I'm nearly six foot, so that wasn't going to happen. I realized that as I kept growing when I was 15. So that's changed. So that was me. What about you? 

Emilia: I want it to be a florist. Actually. I'm not really good with plants. No, not at all. But we had this florist around the corner and I admired her. I admired her little shop there. I thought it was so cozy and so nice and to create nice things. I think that's what it was all about. 

So what are you reading, listening to at the moment? Any interesting, you're kind of always has an interesting book and podcast recommendations. 

Kyla: I was, well, I'm halfway through the Michelle Obama book. My mom sent me a book called Change your Genes, Change your life, all about changes in your body genes, your DNA.

I'm reading a bit of the medical medium cause I'm a bit obsessed with him at the moment. Anthony Williams. So that's what I'm reading , and he's got a podcast as well. So I've been listening to that.

And podcast wise, I've still been re listening to Rachel Hollis. I've been listening to a bit of Lewis Howes and some Tim Ferriss as well. 

So their mine, what about yours? 

Emilia: I'm reading Crush it at the moment by Gary V. And then I'm listening to Michelle Obama Becoming. All the podcasts that you mentioned right now are on my list as well. 

Kyla: Perfect. All right. Okay.

Emilia: So that was our first episode.

Kyla: First episode, thank you so much for listening. Thank you for interviewing me, Emilia. Emilia: Thank you for interviewing me. And we really hope that you got some value and you just got to know us a little bit better and what's to come. And we'll be exploring, I think some of these similar questions with our guests as well.Kyla: We can't wait for you to join us for the rest of season one.

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