Episode 15 - Style Yourself Confident with Lucia Csobonyei, Founder of Your Unique Image

Welcome to Episode 15 - How To Style Yourself Confident

In this week’s Episode Emilia interviews the lovely Lucia Csobonyei, an image consultant and personal shopper and the Founder of Your Unique Image in Dubai. 
They first met online through the Mums in Biz community and then in person at their kids school and of course connected over conversations about design, styling and personal branding.

In this week's episode they talked about the following:

  1. All about personal styling

  2. What a personal stylist and image consulting is

  3. How Lucia got to be a stylist and an image consultant

  4. Her tips on image and confidence as well as personal branding

  5. Her tips for color analysis

  6. And of course her tips on starting and running a business as a mom.

Before the recording Lucia gave Emilia a taster of her services and they also talk about their shopping trip together and Lucia's analysis of Emilia's style.

Find out more about Lucia and her business as well as lots of styling advice here:
Check her out on Facebook:
Check her out on Instagram:

We hope you enjoy the listen and we will see you next time.

See the whole transcript below!

Episode 15 - Style Yourself Confident

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