Two Tips on Tuesday

Every Tuesday on my Facebook page I add TWO TIPS about branding, website design, Squarespace, motivation and general business tips. Here you can find a selection of them:

Two free online business tools I use every day in my business.

Choosing just one color for your brand and business.

How to stay consistent with your brand

How to start and go to networking events

How to improve your customer experience on your homepage!

How to improve your SEO for your website

2 basic design principles

How to start a business

Two reasons why you should display your prices on your website.

In this video you will find two tips why it makes total sense to use your own name for your business!

How to write good copy for your website

How to stay motivated - even during difficult times

Why you need to think big for your small business

2 tips on Instagram and how to make those square videos for your feed...